April 19, 2021

This Congressman Just Said What?

It may not be the biggest issue in the world.  Something that most people may not even notice – or disregard if they do.  I had a stop-the-presses moment, however.

I thought a comment made by California Democrat Congressman John Garamendi during an interview on CNN’s “New Day” with Alisyn Camerota and John Berman revealed something more fundamental and deeper than a mere glib statement.

Before getting to what Garamendi said, it is useful to know who Garamendi is – politically.  To put it simply, he is a hardcore political wannabe with very radical left-wing positions.  He is among the more uncompromising strident partisans in the Congress.  For that reason, you may have seen him repeatedly as one of those parroting panelists on CNN or MSNBC – although his appearances are hardly memorable.

He earns the appellation “wannabe” because of his repeated efforts to seek or hold public office – by appointment or election.  He describes himself as a “businessman/politician” even though it is virtually impossible to find even entry-level private sector employment on his resume.

He attended the University of California at Berkeley in the 1960s and then on to Harvard grad school —  – which may explain his leftist political views.  He moved on to the Peace Corps, the state assembly, the state senate, Insurance Commissioner and served as lt. governor.  In between, Garamendi failed in several attempts to reach other elective offices – including a run for Comptroller and three efforts for Governor.

When not in elective office, Garamendi served a stint as a Peace Corps bureaucrat and Deputy Secretary of the Interior.  The only common thread in his career is the desire for taxpayer salaries, benefits and privileges.

He finally found stability with a twelve-year career in Congress.  His first race had an element of comedy.   He won his initial race in the 10th Congressional District by declaring that while his bedroom was not in the district, his front yard was.  It was a silly point since district residency is not required for congressional seats – only state residency.  Turned out, not even his lawn was in the District.

So, what did he say that caught my attention?

He was invited on CNN to push the left-wing narrative that the riot that occurred on Capitol Hill was an attempted coup – and the threat to the Republic akin to the Civil War.  In the spirit of full-blown hyperbole, Garamendi said, “I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A VIOLENT MOB ATTACK POLICE.”

This guy has been in public life since the 1960s and he has NEVER seen a violent mob attacking police.  He must have partisan blindness – an affliction that prevents those on the left from ever seeing the scores of riots carried out by their base constituents and voters.

Thousands of police have been attacked by rioters – some seriously injured or killed – in just the past few years.  None of which Garamendi noticed.

In that one statement, Garamendi personifies the sort of lies that the left relies upon to advance their phony political narratives.  But do not expect the Washington Post fact-checkers to be awarding Garamendi a “Pinocchio” for his outrageously dishonest statement.  It can be nothing but a whopper of a lie because Garamendi cannot be so stupid that he believes what he said.  Or could he?  Nay!

So, there ‘tis.