April 19, 2021

This Is All You Need To Know About The Meghan and Harry Interview

President Donald Trump, Covid-19 and Governor Andrew Cuomo have temporarily been shoved to the bottom of the front page by the latest controversy engulfing the British royal family.

In modern times, it all started when King Edward VIII abdicated the throne for American divorcee Wallis Simpson – the woman he loved.  Then there was the rift when Prince Charles and Princess Diana cut the bonds of matrimony so that the Prince could be with Camilla Parker Bowles — the woman he loved.

Now we have the next generation in a public squabbling between the Crown and Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.  I really do not know if they still hold those titles and this subject does not deserve a lot of researching.  Like those before him, Harry walked out on his royal role – for the woman he loved.

Though America declared its independence from Great Britain 345 years ago, many of us remain obsessed with the machinations of the British Crown.  Me … not so much.  The monarchy in England is not as powerful as it was in the colonial days, but we Americans love to pay close attention to royal weddings, funerals and especially scandals.

Nothing seems more entertaining than watching the royal family feuding and fracturing.  That fact is borne out by the audience size for Oprah Winfrey’s interview with the ex-royal couple – 17 million folks.  I was not one of them.  I knew that the morning news would provide me with the most sensational revelations.  That spared me sitting through two hours of boring who-cares chit-chat.

Of course, the press went bonkers – hyping “bombshell revelations” and “shocking details” of life inside the walls of Buckingham Palace.  What I got out of it was that Harry hates his brother William – which has been reported for years – and Meghan hates everyone in the monarchy except the Queen and Prince Philip.

The big news was that Meghan was driven to suicidal thoughts and some unnamed persons were “concerned” about the skin complexion of the couple’s firstborn, Archie.  Since the purpose of the interview was to attack the monarchy, I am not sure how much credibility we should place on any of the accusations and revelations.

I recall that Harry and Meghan left the official royal family to have more privacy – to get out of the limelight.  That hardly comports with a highly hyped and hugely watched two-hour prime-time special.  Since they are not supposedly making it on their own, I cannot help but wonder if they got any compensation for the interview – and wondered if there is a book in the future describing how they long for privacy and anonymity.

At one point, Harry seemed to be comparing their situation to the torments of his mother, Princess Diana.  But they are not in the same position.  Diana was enormously popular with the public – in England and around the world.  Harry and Meghan … not as much.  In fact, Meghan has not won the love and admiration of the English people – and it is not a racial matter as the left will indubitably claim.

In all these “bombshell” events, the question of the monarchy’s future is raised.  What is the future for Harry and Meghan – and what is the future for the royal family and the institution or the monarchy?

I suspect Harry and Meghan will be a bit like the former King Edward and the woman he loved.  They spent their years together as celebrity pop-ups at the affairs of the rich and famous.  As far as the monarchy, this kerfuffle will pass – though not quickly enough.  The big issue for the future of the House of Windsor is what happens after the Queen passes.

Hopefully, the royals will not do anything controversial – no more “bombshells”—until then.

So, there ‘tis.

P.S.  Having put one foot into the tarpit of tabloid journalism, I might as well jump in with both feet.  What was the deal with Winfrey’s hair?  It was a distraction for me. I thought that look went out with the Egyptian Sphynx.  (I will now go and do pundit penance.)