Twitter censored exclusive photos from Project Veritas that showed thousands of migrants sleeping on the floor in tight quarters at a Texas detention center. The content was hidden behind a filter labeled “potentially sensitive.” Twitter later reversed the censorship, calling it an error.

James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, posted a video compilation of the photos. The video was immediately hidden behind a filter claiming the content was “potentially sensitive,” requiring users with the sensitive content filter to click through the warning message in order to view the video.

A spokeswoman for Twitter said that the “potentially sensitive content” warning was “incorrectly applied by one of our automated tools and it has since been removed.”

The photos from Project Veritas shed more light on the ongoing crisis at the Southern border.

Joe Biden and other Democrats were highly critical of former President Trump’s strict immigration controls. Biden taking office was widely perceived as the start of more lax restrictions. This was the motivator for thousands of migrants to make their way to the United States border.

The Biden administration has appointed a special envoy to contain the situation. Jen Psaki, has gone back and forth on admitting that the situation at the border is actually a crisis.

Left-wing Democrats including, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), tried to blame President Trump for keeping “kids in cages” even though the practice was widely used under President Obama.

Photos of migrant children in detention centers were widely shared on Twitter under President Trump without being subject to any high-profile incidents of censorship.

President Biden has insisted that his approach is “much different,” because “we have people there helping them.”