According to a new poll from USA Today and Suffolk, Trump voters are beginning to turn to other outlets for their fix of conservative news. According to the survey, only 34% of the former president’s supporters still consider Fox News the “most trusted source of news” on the airwaves.

To say this is a precipitous drop would be an understatement. When the same poll asked Trump supporters this question in 2016, 58% of his voters said that Fox News was their primary staple for trusted news.

Instead of Fox News, Trump voters are increasingly turning to the network’s upstart competitors, One America News Network and Newsmax TV. According to the poll, 17% of his voters say that Newsmax is their most trusted news source and 9% name OANN. These are remarkable numbers, given how long Fox has had a stranglehold on the conservative news business, particularly when it comes to cable. For Newsmax to have already built up a support base half that of Fox in such a short time…that does not bode well for Fox’s future.

“At the time of our October 2016 poll, OANN and Newsmax were barely 2 years old, so they were not offered as options,” David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, said. “However, we do not believe that in 2016 they would have been trusted the most by a statistically significant portion of respondents.”