Late Sunday night in Texas, Democrats ignored common order and decided to walk out of a House legislative session on voting protections over disagreements with the hopeful new laws, temporarily forcing Republicans in the House to abandon the legislative session due to a midnight deadline for passing the bill. 

Senate Bill 7 is designed to further protect and enhance the Texas system of voting. It includes legislation requiring identification per vote, laws to empower poll watcher rights and protected official voting outlets from Covid era Democratic policies that are more susceptible to potential fraud.

The bill plans to eliminate drive through voting and 24 hour polling centers, which were only introduced last year in precincts like Harris County to meet constructed illusions of necessity about voting during the Covid pandemic. It also increases fines for any violation of the policies, it bans sending out mass applications for mail in voting and further grants additional powers to judges to throw out an election if too much fraud is found in any given area of an election. 

To any thinking American citizen, these protections should be understood to be a good thing. Everyone should want their individual vote to matter and be protected to the furthest extent of the law, ensuring that the process is valid and complete. 

Yet the usual suspects like CNN and AP News continue to back opposition to voter protection laws using terms like “restrictive” or even more blatantly ridiculous as “racist”, running off yet again with the narrative of victimization. 

Democrats in the House decided to act like children and staged a walkout from the House late Sunday night, leaving the session after receiving a text message of encouragement to do so from the Democratic House leader Chris Turner reading, “Take your key and leave the chamber discreetly. Do not go to the gallery. Leave the building”.

Despite the Texas Senate already signing off on the new protections the night before, Democrats did exactly what the text said and walked out from the House. 

Republican State Rep. Briscoe Cain, who carried the bill in the house, stated about the event, “I am disappointed that some members decided to break quorum. We all know what that meant. I understand why they were doing it, but we all took an oath to Texans that we would be here to do our jobs”.

In reporting from Newsmax, Texas Governor Greg Abbot tweeted that, “election integrity and bail reform were emergency items for this legislative session. They STILL must pass.” adding further that, “they will be added to the special session agenda”.

At the time, it is unsure as to when they will meet again to ensure that voter protections are enhanced for the future of Texas. Americans do not want fast food election processes, we want a secure election process that those who truly love this country can believe in.

Here’s to hoping those in the Texas House are able to keep the legislation moving forward for the betterment of the people. Many states are joining in maintaining protections for voting, including Georgia and Florida, but all are facing the same types of backlash from Democrats across the spectrum.

Why are Democrats so collectively afraid of common sense vote protections? Perhaps it is because they have something to hide and tools they found useful in the last election that they do not want taken away and corrected. 

Republicans must keep pushing forward in every state to enhance these protections and a return to former order in the voting process. It is an absolute necessity, potentially more important than any other possible legislation at this current moment. 

9 thoughts on “Democrats walk out on election protection”
  1. Democrats are the enemy within for our Republic. They show it every day. Isn’t there anything that can be done to punish those vile enemies?

  2. Do your fucking job that we, WE, pay you to do. This isn’t about the Democratic Party it is about the safety of our Country, which is already going to hell, no thanks to the Democratic Party.

  3. I love Governor Abbott’s reaction to typical union DEMONRATS walk-outs. Governor Abbott threatened not to sign the bill to fund the legislature:
    “‘I will veto Article 10 of the budget passed by the legislature,’ Abbott wrote in a tweet. ‘Article 10 funds the legislative branch. No pay for those who abandon their responsibilities.'”

  4. You are nothing less than scum. We know what you’re trying. Human filth.

  5. The fact is that if this is suppose to protect the election, then why was the Democrats not considered, in the writing of this law, which was drafted in privately by just a small minority of Republicans not all were involved. Nearly everything that the bill does away with was a Republican idea to start with, and not one offence has been proven in the last 4 elections where mail in voting was allowed and still is in 3 states which is the only way you can vote in those states and they are RED states. Those states knew that taking farmers and their workers out of the field on voting day was not going to happen so they implemented mail in Voting to win elections, because the people in cities and town did not have to travel to vote.

  6. I do think that Governor Abbot made a serious slip in his comments, he said, “it is not only about election security it is about keeping we the people in power.”
    That statement says something in itself, about keeping the Republicans in power, when they are in the minority in this USA by 10s of Millions persons.

  7. -Democrats Illegally put Temporary election laws in place, by politicians who were not in the position to make those changes, due to a “pandemic”.

    -And then when citizens want to put back in place, all the election laws that have been in operation since BEFORE the “pandemic”, the Democrats have a hissy fit.

    -Citizens want to put back in place all the election laws in effect prior to 2020 that actually ensure election integrity.

    -Do Democrats really think because they got away with changing election laws TEMPORARILY due to the “pandemic”, and Cheating for 1 election, that these TEMPORARY laws get to stay in place FOREVER?

    -I will tell you – no.

    -Partisan Democrats who had no authority, illegally changed those election laws.
    Most of the election laws were changed to make it easier for Democrats to cheat.

    -Democrats Lie when they walk out due to “election integrity”.
    -No, Democrat tantrums are all about Democrats wanting to get away with long term Cheating.


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