In a shocking new report from The Christian Broadcast News (CBN), China has built backdoor access to America’s electrical grid. This is a dangerous update on a potential threat to our most vital of public services of maintaining electricity for our people. 

In almost every city across the nation, electrical substations have transformers that provide electrical services. Transformers take voltage from the power plant and convert it to safe levels to distribute out to give energy to our homes. This is how we turn on the lights, cook our food, run air conditioning and access the internet. Without these electrical substations and transformers, none of this would be possible. Our people would be completely in the dark. 

China knows this. They have used common knowledge of our needs against us in a secret but potentially heavily damaging way.

Apparently, according to the CBN report, China manufactures and sends over many of our electrical grids components. Not only this, but a backdoor entry access has been built in for China to easily access this fundamental component of our society. 

Joe Weiss, an electrical engineer and independent consultant to the CBN, warns that “they have their finder on that trigger today that they can take over that transformer and everything that transformer supplies coming in or going out. That’s a very big deal… Many people have called transformers the ‘Achilles heel’ of the electrical grid…”

Weiss also said in his warning that this is no hypothetical threat. We have already discovered this back door capability within the Chinese manufactured transformers within electrical components. 

In fact, it was this revelation that led Donald Trump in May of 2020 to sign an executive order banning the “acquisition, importation, transfer or installation” of any bulk power systems from “foreign adversaries.” 

Weiss said, “the next large transformer from China that arrived at the Port of Houston, was intercepted by the U.S. Department of Energy and taken to the Sandia National Laboratory. Remember this is a 500 ton multi- million dollar machine, so there was a utility missing.”

Journalists like Llewellyn King, who has been covering energy for decades, was met with silence when asking about the missing transformer. Weiss continued to comment that, “…not only do our domestic utilities not know what has been found, our closest allies that also have Chinese made transformers do not know what has been found.”

This is possibly such a great threat on the world stage that government agencies under both Trump and Biden have decided to keep the story under wraps for the potential threat it may pose.

Even companies themselves could see a fault in the electrical grid as a product of a technical malfunction rather than a hack to the system. Think of the recent electrical problems that just occurred in Texas during the winter blast earlier this year. 

Warnings about threats such as these are not just recently either. Even back in 2012, the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta warned that, “The collective result of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber Pearl Harbor. An attack that would cause physical destruction and the loss of life. An attack that would paralyze and shock the nation and create a new profound sense of vulnerability.”

This foresight seems ever more ominous with the recent revelation. The potential threat of a backdoor to our electrical grid built in by China is so great that no one wishes to consider its implications.

What would we do if a mass of our electrical capabilities suddenly shut down?

No lights, no refrigeration, no internet, no heating or cooling, no access to banking or transactions. The implications of such an event are vast and far reaching, beyond complete comprehension.

If this is the case and China infiltrates a great number of our transformers, what can we do to fix it? It would take a great restoration and serious action in part by ourselves and our ally nations to turn such a capability around. We would have to rebuild many of the main components to our electrical grid. Is this even possible?

In America, I believe anything is possible. But first we have to have proper knowledge of the full extent of the potential threat. Then we can make decisions forward as to what we should do to upgrade the systems. So, here’s to hoping that this is not as serious a problem as it seems to be. And that leaders in our current time are taking this serious notion into consideration.