Chris Cuomo’s own colleague Brian Stelter said that the younger Cuomo would have “a lot” to say about his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo if he was not “muzzled” by the network.

Stelter host’s CNN weekend broadcast, “Reliable Sources.” On this past Sunday’s broadcast, Stelter said, Chris Cuomo “has a lot to say” and “should be grilled” about his brother’s sexual harassment scandal — but is being muzzled by top brass at CNN.

“This has been a conundrum for CNN that has no perfect answer, no perfect solution,” Stelter said.

Chris Cuomo has remained mum in the wake of the scathing report from the New York attorney general accusing Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexually harassing as many as 11 women.

But Stelter made it clear that his colleague remains banned from discussing anything involving his older brother.

“Chris Cuomo has a lot to say, but right now, he cannot say it,” Stelter said. “CNN management has made two things clear to him, one, that he can’t talk about his brother, Andrew Cuomo, on TV, and, two, that he cannot participate in any more strategy sessions with the governor’s aides.”

Adding, “So, if you’re wondering why Chris has remained silent about the scandal, that is why.”

Chris Cuomo, who started a “pre-planned” vacation this week, presumably to celebrate his birthday, has admitted that he conferred with his brother and the Governor’s aides in May on how to handle the growing scandal.

He has yet to mention his brother on his network show “Cuomo Prime Time” since the damning report was released by Attorney General Tish James. Instead, he has been referring to his broadcasts as “COVID Central” and declaring that on his show, they will only be discussing the “most important news of the day, the ongoing COVID crisis.”

The elder Cuomo, meanwhile, has remained out of the public eye in recent days after refusing to resign — despite mounting calls for him to do so.

The Governor has denied all of the allegations.

The scandal has caused confusion within the CNN newsroom, according to a report on Friday — which Stelter addressed on his show.

“I think Chris should be asked about all this,” he said Sunday. “He should be grilled like anyone else. That’s what numerous staffers at CNN said to me this week.

“The logic on the part of management is that whatever Chris says about the allegations against his brother will be picked apart,” he said. “He will be accused of either using his platform to spin for his family, or he’ll be accused of betraying his brother. The logic is that he should just stay out of it. He should do the job that the viewers want him to do,” Stetler added.

“Plus, CNN is so much bigger than any one anchor,” he said. “What really matters most is how CNN as a global news outlet covers the governor’s alleged crimes.”

And other than on Cuomo’s show, the other network’s hosts and anchors are covering the Governor’s sex scandal quite extensively. That even includes Chris Cuomo’s close friend, Don Lemon, whose show directly follows Cuomo’s Prime Time, making for several awkward “handoffs” last week. 

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  1. Just one thing about the use of the English language – I wish you could actually use it properly.
    Please go to school – this time a Catholic one – and learn the use of tenses, plurals, etc.
    It’s bad enough to read some articles having content ‘not worth reading’, but to see incorrect use of grammar and sentence structures makes it even harder to enjoy.

  2. Andrew Cuomo is a rotten P.O.S. He’s been a rotten Governor for almost twelve years.
    His S.A.F.E. Act legalizing’s Marijuana to keep the younger voters STUPID to keep him in office.
    The sexual abuse sandal is the trifecta. Not the good old Democrat’s main objective, getting rich while in office.
    They seam to be using a play book issued by the DNC. Just ask Obummer and Biden and Scellator Polesi

  3. He should do the job that the viewers want him to do,” Stetler added.

    Exactly, he should just shut up and go away.

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