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On Thursday, Putin’s administration threatened to issue Facebook crippling fines if the social media giant refused to delete content that has been banned in Russia.

The move comes just days after Putin vowed to punish YouTube for censoring independent content on the platform.

Speaking to Reuters, Russia’s technology and telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzor said it would deploy government agents to Facebook’s offices to enforce the fines.

Russia declared groups linked to dissident and Vladimir Putin critic Alexei Navalny “extremist” in June, outlawing Navalny-adjacent political parties and freezing his supporters’ bank accounts. Navalny is currently serving a two-year prison sentence and was the victim of a poisoning attack in September 2020.

Russia had threatened Facebook and Google parent company Alphabet with fines up to 20% of their annual Russian revenue in mid-September, Bloomberg reported, after the tech giants refused to censor content on behalf of Russia.

The threat is the latest development in Moscow’s ongoing effort to bring U.S. tech companies under its control.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Wednesday it plans to block Russians’ access to YouTube after the video platform removed two state-backed channels for spreading COVID-19 misinformation. YouTube Chief Executive Officer Susan Wojcicki also failed to deny allegations that the company had removed Navalny-related content from its platform.

Apple and Google removed a voting app linked to Navalny from their app stores in mid-September, under threat of prosecution from Russian authorities. The app was used by Navalny supporters to coordinate voting campaigns, and was removed ahead of Russia’s parliamentary elections.

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7 thoughts on “Putin Vows To Crush Facebook If They Don’t Stop Promoting Pedophilia”
  1. Looks like the USA lags behind Russia again ohh that’s right our government is behind google Twitter and Facebook our government does the opposite of Russia they let anything but the true to be spread on these 3

  2. I agree. I have had my accounts hacked, every time I start getting porno.
    I’m 61 and female, these girls are shameless, I’ve try to UNSUBSCRIBE and
    I keep getting returned mail that comes back in Chinese lettering that I can’t read.
    I don’t get On fb much maybe once a month, I’ve changed my password reset so many times.
    But the porno always comes through. I’m OVER IT

  3. Unbelievable!! Our idiot falsely in the white House won’t keep the children safe in our own country from pukes like Facebook but the president of Russia will??? Hmmm something good coming from this place!!

  4. I’m actually happy and in agreement with Puttin on this one, If only America would have the guts to stand up against immoral activities such as pedophilia, damaging pornography and the spread of misinformation. Imagining that really is an oxymoron, Russia, taking a stand against misinformation on the virus and child pornography/ The world really is upside down. America should be the leaders in spreading the facts and truth on the virus and vaccine that’s not a vaccine, and stopping sex trafficking and sex with children. To see America support the child rapists’, sex trafficking, child pornography and the spread of misinformation on this plandemic, is dishearting and a disgrace. This is not America, China is even banning all non man male figures, they say men are men, wow! America has become a sees pool of anti science and perversion. A disgrace. I’m scared for America today. Mainly because there are so many people that are not thinkers, do not want or care to know the truth or facts, but listen and want the Gov to think for them and tell them how to think and act and how to think about anything, non binary female, what the heck is this, where did this nonsense start from, wake up people, stand up for the facts and truths, if you don’t you will get what you deserve, but I don’t want any part of it. Moving to a safe place honoring the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

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