Plenty of people doubt the efficacy of additional booster shots for each new variant of COVID-10, but comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah is voicing his concerns and dividing fans in a way that few other cultural influencers have lately. 

Noah is a mainstay in late-night comedy and a favorite of the liberal crowd. He’s a biracial immigrant who succeeded in achieving a career and a fair amount of fame despite growing up in poverty, raised by a single mother in South Africa. But he recently posted on social media that he wondered if Moderna’s push to administer an additional booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine to lessen the effects of the new omicron variant might be more of an effort to line Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel’s pockets than an effort to increase public health and safety. 

“On the one hand, almost all the Omicron cases have been mild so far,” Noah said in a video clip. “But on the other hand, the guy who stands to gain millions of dollars from new vaccines says we need new vaccines, huh?”

Noah seems to suggest that additional boosters are not necessary, since omicron usually produces mild symptoms. His followers picked up on his tone, with some supporting his healthy skepticism, some decrying him as switching to an anti-vax viewpoint, and others thinking he meant annual boosters are not necessary at all. 

Rafael Shimunov, a political activist with a Twitter following of nearly 53,000, attempted to clear up the confusion surrounding Noah’s remarks. He said, “To all the covidiots who think this means Trevor Noah has joined your death cult: you can be suspicious of Big Pharma AND believe in vaccines and science just like you can be suspicious of Big Tech while using your phone to read this.” 

Name-calling never helps, but critical thinking and forming independent opinions are always in style. It’s interesting, though, that when a famous liberal commentator suggests we should use common sense and question the authorities pushing vaccines onto the general public, he is praised by liberals. 

Conservatives have been saying we should question excessive vaccine use and efficacy for months, and we’re labeled as Satan-worshipping anti-vaxxers. Apparently, common sense is only recognized in those who vote blue. 

In his video clip, Noah went on to reassure his followers that he is not picking up the Devil’s pitchfork and going full anti-vax. He said “Now, look, I’m not saying the CEO of Moderna is lying. I’m not saying that at all. I’m just saying I don’t think he’s the most objective source on this topic. I’ll wait to hear what neutral experts say about a new vaccine.”

Ah. He’s waiting for the elusive “neutral experts” to show up and advise the public what to do. Except in the COVID-19 controversy, no one is a neutral expert because A) the virus is still too new for anyone to actually gain expert status in how to treat it, and B) once the fight becomes political, it never goes back. And the COVID-19 battle has been political from the start. 

So, do Noah’s comments make me think common sense will prevail and this mask/vaccine mandate/booster/vaccine mandates for kids/WTF are you thinking California craziness will end anytime soon? No. but it’s nice to hear a liberal make sense once in a while.

One thought on “Daily Show Host Trevor Noah Doubts Moderna Vaccine Boosters”
  1. Anything that requires 75 years to release full information on causes me great concern and requires more than a modicum of scrutiny. It’s an oddly specific number that oddly changed from 50 years and only doing so after approving these ubiquitous “vaccines” for five year olds. Since we aren’t expected to live much more than 80 years it all seems very suspicious to me. I’m constantly being barraged with nonsensical reasons for being forced to take an experimental drug that seemingly doesn’t work and doesn’t stop transmission. When the virus does what viruses do and that’s mutate it typically becomes more virulent while loses its ability to kill the host we keep getting mixed messages from everywhere. Meanwhile entire nations lose their minds and start imprisoning people or begin with the whole ridiculous policies of vaccine mandates and dividing neighbors over it. So those who believe we shouldn’t judge others by whatever they do or look like they oddly create a new and entirely different way to discriminate. Every single policy touted by the Biden administration has turned out to be false or misleading doesn’t give one a great sense of security. The entire leftist ideology has proven to predictably be a massive failure yet I am expected to believe liars like the WHO the NIH Fauci and the rest of the absolutely corrupt media? As far as I’m concerned this is no longer about trusting the vaccine it’s entirely about not trusting the liars that insist I take it. First reports of omicron from Africa were clearly reported that each and every one had been vaccinated yet the only way to get rid of covid is to be vaccinated? First report of omicron in the US also reported to have been vaccinated? Five year old children are not at risk but we must vaccinate them to stop the spread of a virus that can be spread even when vaccinated? Seriously? Get the f..k out of here! Just another line of bullsh.t where the left expects me to ignore what I see. Riots aren’t riots. Men are women. Violent criminals are victims. Crime is the victims fault. One point five trillion will cost nothing. We will leave no American behind. Trump and Russian collusion. Trump was a war monger. Biden will unite the nation. Shut down energy in America and approve energy for our enemies. The list continues to grow daily and yet I’m expected to believe in a vaccine that clearly isn’t working and the makers don’t want to release the information for 75 years! Outrageous idiotic and unbelievable. Therefore I am out. The fact is that the ball keeps being moved and seemingly normal people are willing to shun their neighbors over an obvious and blatant lie. Why is no one talking about the real issue with vaccine mandates? This is just the beginning of what government can dictate individuals to do. Think I’m wrong? Then why has every single court ruling against it? Something stinks and it’s not what my senses tell me is wrong. Those who have already capitulated now see no problem with forcing an experimental vaccine on their neighbors. They no longer have a problem with seeing their neighbors being locked up for making their own choices. If the vaccine is so damned effective then you should be protected and my decision shouldn’t affect you in any way yet here we are listening to illogical bureaucrats and politicians along with corrupt media telling me I must accept this experimental vaccine that the creators of don’t want to release the information on until long after I’m dead? Why aren’t we hearing of any new vaccines being created that actually do stop transmission of the virus? What happened to the new covid pill that was awaiting approval? First reports stated it was effective in 90 percent plus of human trials. Now all of the sudden its only 30 percent effective and nobody is talking about it. Nope I’m no expert but I’m not an idiot. I believe what I see no matter how much you push me you can not force me to deny that. Something is very wrong and I pray it’s nothing as insidious as it appears. I pray that it really is just about rich people making each other richer. God Bless America

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