Readers of these pages know that, for the most part, I agree with personal freedom and your right not to get vaccinated or wear a mask – except when that comes to breaking federal law. 

Like it or not, it is mandatory per FAA rules to wear a mask on flights until further notice. However, that did not stop a recent London-bound American Airlines flight from being forced to turn around when an unruly passenger refused to comply with masking rule.

According to the Associated Press, the airline called Miami police, and officers escorted a woman off the plane at Miami International Airport without incident. A spokesperson for the Miami-Dade Police Department said American Airlines staff dealt “administratively” with the passenger. 

The woman was put on American’s internal no-fly list pending further investigation, an airline spokesman said. Airlines have frequently banned passengers for the duration of the pandemic if they refuse to follow mandatory mask requirements designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

American said there were 129 passengers and 14 crew members on the plane. Pilots turned the Boeing 777 around less than an hour into the transatlantic flight, according to tracking service FlightAware.

Steve Freeman, the passenger who was sitting in front of the maskless passenger, claims the woman had been drinking heavily and was abusive towards the flight crew before the flight got turned around.

“There was a lot of drinking involved, and I was nervous. She sat behind us in first class — she was a first-class passenger and was extremely abusive to the stewards,” Freeman told South Florida TV station Local 10 News. 

 “I could see the writing on the wall — they gave her a lot of warnings, so we were kind of ready for it.”

He said the crew gave the woman multiple masks to try, but she complained about each one.

Freeman claimed the decision to turn the plane around was to do with how abusive the woman allegedly was – and not because she refused to wear a mask.

The maskless passenger, described as in her 40s, was escorted off the plane but not charged by police, according to CBS Miami. 

Her name was not given, but does anyone want to take a guess that it could be “Karen?”

7 thoughts on “American Airlines Turned Around London Flight Because Of Face Mask Rules”
  1. In my humble Opinion – “It should be left up to the Individual” period. I personal at first was against getting the shoots, however after family and friends
    getting together and talking about it. We all came to the conclusion, that considering the risk factors like age, medical issues etc. our first priority is to protect each other.
    Example: We all got shoots in early years for “Pocks/Polio/TB just to name a few. The problem I see is, that Politicians/Government got involved and that created that whole
    Disaster, with them trying to force the people to get the shoot’s. *** It’s WE THE PEOPLE – NOT US THE GOVERNMENT ***

  2. Wow, “Wear a mask, get your Covid shots and abide by the rules to keep the rest of us safe!” !!!
    Again wow! I can’t believe someone would still suggest that propaganda. I agree with abide by the rules bc if you don’t, in this particular situation you are negatively effecting the lives of so many people and nobody should be allowed to do that.
    Now,, if you really want to believe this gov’t at least use an iota of common sense. FOLLOW THE SCIENCE, the science is out there. Our president says we are following the science, yet we are still using proven useless masks FOR TWO YEARS NOW. We were told the shot will cure and prevent covid and it’s spread. Covid it still here, covid is mutating and more rampant than ever. Most masks do not work, covid shots do NOT stop covid or covid’s spread. The shot lessons it’s effect on certain people. If the gov’t was following the science we would all be more educated and know all about “natural immunity”. Natural immunity is real and here in the USA it’s not discussed bc too many self important officials are making too much money that hopefully they will not live long enough to enjoy or spend it.

  3. The Pilot was WRONG. They should have finished the flight with the person on board. Even that FRAUD Fauci has admitted that masks are USELESS in stopping Covid.

  4. Cloth masks are useless; at the most they may be 10% effective, but cause more harm to respiratory functions than we know. The “lemmings” that promote them should rush into the sea.

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