Georgia Governor Brian Kemp pushed back after President Biden and Vice President Harris criticized the state’s new voting law. Kemp said the president is trying to appeal to his liberal base because it’s all he has left.

In his Tuesday speech, Biden characterized the bill as “voter suppression” and claimed the legislation makes it easier for local election officials to be removed from their positions. Harris called it an “anti-voter law” and claimed Georgia residents will be kept from voting.

Kemp, however, said he laughed during the president’s remarks.

“The president and the vice president have never taken time to read what’s actually in the bill,” Kemp said on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday.

“They just believe if they tell these lies and mistruths so much that people will believe them. And I’m going to continue to push back against that.”

Governor Kemp called out the hypocrisy in Biden’s speech, since the president criticized Georgia’s voting laws while his home state of Delaware has stricter laws.

“President Biden’s talking about us being a suppressive state for voting. His own state of Delaware, you got to have an excuse to vote absentee by mail,” he said.

“When we passed this legislation, they didn’t even have early voting in Delaware. We had 15 days. Now we can have up to 17.”

President Biden also doubled down on the claim that it is illegal to serve food and water to Georgia voters while they’re in line.

Kemp explained that the point of the legislation was to keep voting lines from being so long that voters need water or food.

He also clarified that a provision in the bill allows members of political parties to serve food to voters as long as they are further than 150 feet from the voting location.

Kemp, who is running for reelection, said he is focused on election integrity and touted the success of his state.

“But we’re also fighting back against Joe Biden,” he said.

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3 thoughts on “GA Gov. Rails Against Biden, Harris Speech On State Election Law”
  1. So, where is the surprise here? Governor Kemp is critisizing the Democratic Party’s way of doing business, specifically, form an opinion or take a position before you even know the facts. It is easier for them because those annoying facts would just get in the way of your chosen opinion or position in which case you would actually have to explain why you feel the way you do. Democrats are so very entertaining if you simply just listen to their rants as some sort of minstrel show. Personally I look forward to listening to the Commanding Clown in Charge because I always find something funny to make me laugh which is a hard thing to do these days now that the southern border is all screwed up, inflation is eating away at my retirement savings already, store shelves get a little more vacant each time I go grocery shopping, oh and let’s not forget the debt we will be leaving for the few of us who still pay taxes.
    So to Joe I will just say to keep up your dog and pony shows because they help me take my mind off the ugly stuff you and your waste of time second in command have done to my country.

  2. Why do people have to show identification to get food stamps but don’t have to prove identity to vote the most sacred right???

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