A jewelry store owner used a legally carried firearm to prevent a robbery to his store in southern California. Four men entered his store, located in Upland, last week in the afternoon and sprayed bear spray on all the occupants of the store. The store owner took out a gun and upon seeing it, the would-be jewel thieves ran outside, jumped in a getaway vehicle, and sped away. 

Thanks to the prepared and quick-thinking store owner, no one was injured and no theft occurred that day. 

Video surveillance from inside the store helped identify the suspects. All four suspects were later arrested and booked into the West Valley Detention Center on felony charges. Three of the four men had previous arrests. Dalon La Flora, 29, was a parolee from Los Angeles; Gerald Kay, 30, was a parolee from Fontana; and Jahaad Crawford, 30, was on federal probation and wanted for an outstanding warrant. Only Jonathan Williamson, 36, of Upland was not reported to have a previous record. 

Throughout the course of identifying and finding the suspects, the San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department – Chino Hills Station reached out to investigators and said they had reason to believe the suspects were also responsible for violent robberies that recently took place in the area. The Upland Police Department later learned that almost all the suspects from the attempted jewelry store heist were associated with a local gang. 

According to a report from the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, smash-and-grab robberies such as this one involve an organized group swarming into a business, breaking glass countertops, and quickly leaving with the merchandise. This system sounds similar to the looting that was rampant in Portland and other cities last year. Maybe part of the solution to preventing crime isn’t more gun control for the masses, but more gun rights for the legally permitted. 

6 thoughts on “Legally Armed Jewelry Store Owner Prevents 4 Thieves From Stealing”
  1. Once a criminal always a criminal and can anyone guess what color they were?!?! Yep…all dark, all criminals with past records, all losers, all living off everyone else anyway they can and our tax dollars hard at work supporting these POS lowlifes. F**king STOP welfare to able bodied creeps, no work/job (and as of last week there are 4 million positions available) NO GOVERNMENT CHECK!!!

  2. Remember “When Guns are Outlawed , Only Outlaws Will Have Guns & Chicago University Professor John R. Lott has Many Articles In Print , About “More Guns = Less Crime”

  3. I totally agree, we don’t need more fun control laws, criminals will always get guns!! We have to be able to protect what we have, including ourselves.

  4. I am 78 years young and have never received public money to support my family. I am an old farm boy (yes I did use the hated Boy word). I was a man in combat when I turned 18 in Vietnam. I am a 100% disabled veteran after Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. These shit birds (an old Navy term used for worthless people who do not want to carry their load but continue to burden society and hard-working men and women with their offspring) belong on an Island in the middle of the arctic ocean where they can kill each other off. It is not our job to take care of these freeloaders.

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