The so-called open mic comments are starting to be normalized as political dialogue.  President Biden recently called FOX White House reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch.”  I did not see much of a rebuke from the pro-Biden press … of course.

Biden later called Doocy to say it was not personal.  Really?  Seems to me it was very personal.  Of course, that was not in any way an apology – like, “Sorry, I lost my head for a moment.”  THAT is an apology. I think Biden meant it and is not sorry he said it.

Saying it was not personal is BS. Hmmm.  Maybe it was not personal.  After all, Biden was insulting Doocy’s mother.  Which makes me wonder where all the feminists and MeToo-ers were.  Not a peep out of them.  Biden called a woman a bitch and its crickets from the ladies on the left.

Biden’s famous crudeness often comes out in open-mic situations.  We can recall his telling President Obama that his Affordable Care Act was a “big f-ing deal” just as the President was about to address the issue in a speech to the nation.

But Biden can be crude in open.  You will recall how he held back $1 billion in aid to Ukraine until they fired the prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden and his role at Burisma Holdings.  He said they were not getting the money until …  And voile, “son of a bitch” the prosecutor got fired.  I bet Biden did not even know the prosecutor’s mother when he said that.

Biden is a hot-tempered Irishman.  While on the campaign trail, he offered to punch it out with a voter who angered him.  On another occasion, he accused a young female student of being a lying “pony soldier” when she asked a question he did not like.  He previously went off on a female reporter – and when she asked a follow-up question, Biden condescendingly said “If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business” … and walked off in a huff.  He later apologized saying he should not have been such a “wise guy.”

Biden apparently is not fond of FOX reporters.  He previously responded to a question from Jacqui Heinrich — about Russians amassing on the border – by calling it a “stupid question” and not answer it.  Heinrich’s question does not seem so stupid today.

Yes, President Trump used insults on a regular basis.  I have constantly criticized his behavior in that regard – but Biden comes in second in the hot-tempered game.  He is not the kindly old man – or the everyman’s Joe – as he is portrayed by a fawning press corp.

Predicting the future is a perilous game in politics, but I will venture out on the limb by predicting that this will not be the last time we see Biden’s Irish ire manifest itself.

So, there ‘tis.

By Larry Horist

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