President Biden makes no secret of his disdain for the Tesla Car Company and its founder, Elon Musk.  

Biden has repeatedly praised and promoted Ford and General Motors for the leadership in the production of electric cars – a high priority with greenish Democrats.  Ford CEO and GM CEO have had several highly publicized trips to the White house – and Biden has put their factories on his must visit lists. 

But never a word about … shhh … Tesla.

That seems strange.  With the entire Democrat leadership promoting electric vehicles as the centerpiece of their green climate change agenda, one would expect Musk to be given hero status.  After all, he is the number one producer of electric vehicles in America – possibly in the world.  Not sure since the Chinese are doing a lot of electric car promoting and producing.

In 2021, GM sold 480,000 electric vehicles – mostly to Chinese buyers.  In America, GM is not doing very well.  In the fourth quarter of 2021, the Company sold 25 Bolts and one … that’s right ONE … electric Hummer pick-up truck.  Bolt hit a wall when they had to stop production and recall 141,000 cars due to potential battery fires.  There is an irony in that since one of Musk’s accomplishments is his battery technology.

In terms of U.S. sales, Ford is expected to overtake GM.  In 2021, Ford sold 21,703 of its Mustang Mach-E compared to Ford’s 24,810 Bolts.  Combined, Ford and GM have yet to outsell the clear frontrunner in electric vehicles – Tesla.

So, why is Musk getting the cold shoulder from a President hell-bent on eliminating fossil fuel automobiles?

The reason is … unions.  President Biden is an old-style union Democrat – more in the tradition of President Franklin Roosevelt than a modern American President.  Biden talks as if unions are still a major portion of the work force – as they were in his formative years.  In fact, only six percent of American workers are unionized.  Biden has more of a romantic view than a real grasp of the realities of modern unionization.

However, it is NOT about membership.  It is about money.  Though the major unions lack the voting power they once had, they make up for it with HUGE political contributions primarily to the Democratic Party.  That is why whenever Biden talks about creating jobs … jobs … jobs, he usually includes the phrase “good union jobs.”   He does not care much about the 94 percent of American worker who do not belong to unions.

Among those non-union workers are the folks pushing out record numbers of electric vehicles at the Tesla factories.  Musk is creating jobs, and he is producing electric vehicles – everything Biden wishes for.  But not with union workers.  And for Biden, that is a deal breaker.

Biden is also chagrined that Musk does not support his EV tax credit program – and why should he?.  Musk does not need it – and in his view, it only gives Ford and GM government-sponsored unfiar advantages. The Biden plan is to give an extra $4500 tax credit – above the normal $7500 government-funded rebate – to folks purchasing cars from union shops.  It is a direct attack on Musk and the car-consuming public.

Musk has not let Biden’s snubs go unnoticed.  After White House meetings with the top brass at Ford and GM, Musk has tweeted – in the style of Musk – that Biden is “a wet sock puppet in human form.”  He accused Biden of “treating the American public like fools.”

After one of Biden’s endorsements of GM, Musk mockingly tweeted, “Starts with a T. Ends with an A. ESL in the middle.”

Despite the political pettiness of the President, Musk can take comfort in the fact that his Tesla is the number one electric car in the world – and it helped make him the richest man in the world.  And the people of America know that no matter how hard Biden tries to placate his union bagmen at Ford and GM, Musk is going to keep building arguably the most popular electric cars in the world.

So, there ‘tis.

2 thoughts on “Musk Calls Biden “A Wet Sock Puppet” Who Cannot Spell T-E-S-L-A”
  1. Excellent article. My question, why is the real reason that a man who employs 70,000 workers, I read,
    is being despised and humiliated in such way, by no less than the president of the country?
    It is not the money collected from unions, is about personality, a little bit of envy perhaps?

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