Here we go again. It seems every week, another story emerges showing how progressives are hell-bent on sexualizing children. In this instance, educators are using “Transition Closets” as a means of helping students dealing with gender dysphoria to conceal the issue from their parents. The practice allows them to socially transition to the opposite sex without their parents’ knowledge.

The Post Millennial reported:

The Transition Closet announced with glee the new chapter with Fremont High School, writing that “We are extremely excited to begin our journey in working with Fremont Highschool [sic] of Oakland California, alongside our favorite teacher of TikTok @justaqueerteacher,” as was first reported by Twitter account Teacher Exposed. A video of the teacher was also shared.

According to the organization’s Facebook page, the Transition Closet “is a free closet for people going through all types of transitions.”

The issue caused controversy when a Twitter account called “Teachers Exposed” posted a Tik Tok video in which an unnamed teacher explained how he helps students hide their identity from their parents. He said:

“The goal of the transition closet is for our students to wear the clothes that their parents approve of, come to school and then swap out into the clothes that fit who they truly are.”

Thomas Martin-Edwards, a Spanish teacher with the Oakland Unified School District and founder of the Queer Teacher Fellowship also chimed in, comparing the closet to Superman:

“And I use the idea that this is like Superman changing in a phone booth. But that idea actually goes a lot further than that. Because Superman isn’t Clark Kent. Clark Kent is actually the disguise. And when Clark Kent goes into the phone booth, he transforms into Superman, who is really just who he truly is, Kal-El. So this gives our trans students the opportunity to be the superheroes that we know they are.”

The Post Millennial detailed some of the content on the group’s Facebook page:

The Transition Closet, which features videos teaching girls how to bind their breasts so that they appear more masculine, recently received a grant from the Arkansas LGBTQ+ Advancement Fund. The grant will be used “To provide gender-affirming clothing and accessories for transgender and non-binary Arkansans.” The Transition Closet thanked The Big Binder Project, which provides free chest binders to girls seeking to hide their breasts.

In discussing the plan for the installation of The Transition Closet at Fremont High School with Alexander Brodie Switzer, of VALID by Brodie, a group that works toward “establishing Transition Closets world-wide,” Martin-Edwards said:

“My principal just approved our district’s first Transition Closet. We’ll be working with the organization The Transition Closet to provide clothes for transgender, non-binary and gender exploring youth, who maybe don’t have the access or the safety to get those clothes in their personal lives. They’ll be able to come to school and change into the clothes that make them feel more at home and more like themselves. And I just think that’s lovely.”

Transition Closets appear to be present mostly on university campuses at the moment. However, they could be far more ubiquitous in K-12 schools than it seems. The secretive nature of the project could mean it is flying under the radar at other schools.

At this point, it is impossible for the hard left to continue gaslighting parents about what is happening in their children’s schools. From elements of Critical Race Theory (CRT) to progressive views on gender and sexuality, it can no longer be denied that they are infusing their ideology into K-12 schools. Fortunately, people are pushing back against this endeavor. But will it be enough?

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4 thoughts on “School Thinks Secret ‘Transition Closets’ Will Help Kids With Transgender Identity”
  1. Oakland Unified School District and The Transition Closet at Fremont High School are being given a platform and valuable school time to promote a MENTAL DISORDER. says:

    Why are Thomas Martin-Edwards, a Spanish teacher with the Oakland Unified School District and The Transition Closet at Fremont High School given a platform and valuable school time?
    Schools have removed more valuable subjects such as American History, Civics, how to tell time on an analog clock and how to write and read cursive handwriting to learn this propaganda?
    6/16/19 – “The male and female bodies take different route when developing as the two genders add more years to their ages. This is because of the hormones that are being excreted, aiding development and altering changes in the physical, emotional and sexual well being of the body. Physically, most men are bigger and taller than women.”

    “Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.”

    “’Sex change’ is biologically impossible,” said McHugh.

    “People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women.”

    “Claiming that this is civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.”

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to turn a man into a woman. Or a woman into a man.
    No physician is God.

    Teaching one sex to be compassionate toward the other is good.

    Teaching one sex to become the other sex is a MENTAL DISORDER.

    Oakland Unified School District and The Transition Closet at Fremont High School are being given a platform and valuable school time to promote a MENTAL DISORDER.

  2. In what other psychological disorder are we expected to not only accept the disorder but to encourage it? I’ll wait…………
    So of you can’t come up with a reasonable answer it’s because the answer is none. Now ask yourself how many so called transgenders have been found to be child molesters? That answer has become more apparent as we watch wokeism force feed a ridiculous narrative through our schools a d government. We’re seeing activist teachers asking children to talk about their sexual experiences long before they should be having sexual experiences and yet we continue to ignore the obvious problems with the entire concept of woke sexual ideology in the classroom. We listen to ivy league pedophile professors make outlandish claims that are intended to normalize sick victimization of the most weak and susceptible of our citizens. We are told that these issues are all separate from each other but I simply don’t accept that. One step back and logical thought can only lead to one conclusion. These people are mentally ill and have absolutely no problem indoctrinating our children with the inevitable result of creating an entire generation of victims. Obviously not all that push these policies and narratives are sexual miscreants but far too often we see evil come from so called good intentions. Childhood is difficult enough without constant confusing messages about things children simply cannot understand. We have laws that ensure children can not be tried as adults for this very reason but yet our children are being expected to know the difference between forty plus genders? Since I think in a logical manner and myself cannot comprehend such ludicrous concepts it’s more than apparent that a first second or third grader can not either. Teachers and schools are meant to teach. They are not meant to indoctrinate and hid things from the parents. Anyone who remains silent on these issues are complicit in their actions and when another child is hurt because of their silence they have no one to blame but themselves. Stand up for our children. They are our future.

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