I’m not so sure who she spoke to, but these gas prices have already been life altering. I get the feeling that she doesn’t have to drive her own car to the scene for these reports. What do you say? Does this seemingly small sample size of people she talked to represent your thoughts?

8 thoughts on “CNN : People Are OK Paying Higher Gas Prices For Russian Accountability”
  1. She’s from cnn what did you expect tha sad part we don’t have to if we had a president that wasn’t dumb as a rock we show you how we like it come November

  2. If Biden would roll back the restriction and allow the US to produce oil again, we wouldn’t need Russian oil. He is the one who has put us into this position! If people would wake up and do their homework, they would realize WE are the ones on the wrong side of this war! Russia is trying to take out the Ukraine in order to crush the Great Reset. All that we are experiencing now is the plan to destroy America as it is to give control to the RICH under a One world Order. The “fake pandemic”, the supply shortages, the gas hikes, the economy have ALL been planned. The Democrats and the RHINO Republicans don’t care about the American people!!! All they care about is power and money. Wake up before it is too late, or history will repeat itself! The German didn’t see the Holocaust coming! As GOD said:” Wealth is the continuous trap of Satan”.

  3. CNN hasn’t told the truth about any issue in the past 25 years, why would anyone believe anything they have to say now? I took a survey in the coffee shop this morning and not one single patron was in favor of repeating the results of the lockdowns by way of an oil embargo. CNN is constantly on the wrong side of every issue, this is no exception. We have the oil, and those millionaire politicians who are trying to kill off this country with mandates, masks, lockdowns, embargos etc are interested only in themselves and a total control agenda.

  4. CNN would likely say a nuclear attack on the US was a good thing if it would keep us from using gas and oil. What a bunch of nincompoops!! The sad thing is that much of the population swallows what they say.

  5. Hell no I not ok with price of gas and still going up. Trump should have gave Ukraine aid back when he was president and maybe we would not be dealing with this now.

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