Nostradamus is best known for his uncannily accurate predictions of the future written in his book Les Propheties. The book published in 1555 contained 942 prophesies, one of which predicted a war in Europe in 2022! Could Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine be the first salvo of the eventual war encompassing all of Europe and perhaps the world?

As scary as a concept WWIII could be, it is just as unsettling to know that someone could have predicted it nearly 500 years ago! 

Among his predictions known as “quatrains” was one that said that France would face an eastward danger. Specifically, the verse says, “Blue-head shall white-head harm in such degree, As France’s good to both shall e’er amount.” 

Like all of Nostradamus’s cryptic quatrains, this leaves a lot open to interpretation. Still, there are those that are seeing current world events in this prophecy.

Nostradamus scholar Bobby Shailer said that within the 942 quatrains, Nostradamus predicted that a Third World War could occur “within the next several years.” 

“Nostradamus believes it will be a great protracted war, 25 to 29 years, followed by lesser battles,” Shailer stated in a 2021 interview, long before the current invasion of Ukraine.

In that interview, Shailer added, there will be an “age of Saturn,” which will last a thousand years and be a time of peace.

Shalier says that Nostradamus also predicted that the globe would be hit by an asteroid, that floods and droughts would ruin entire countries, and that mass hunger would occur – all this year, in 2022. 

Nostradamus is attributed with foreseeing a number of international events, including the Great Fire of London, the rise of Adolf Hitler and Napoleon, the killing of John F Kennedy, and the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Nostradamus foretold that the global war would break out this year.

Some believe Nostradamus foresaw the catastrophe brought by global warming and asteroids, as well as the rise of AI technology.

The French astrologer and doctor, known as the “Prophet of Doom,” was motivated by biblical scriptures and his personal plague experiences, and his forecasts concentrated on famine and grief.

Because Nostradamus’ predictions are completely open to interpretation, his work has remained popular for more than 400 years.

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  1. Nostradamus made thousands of predictions about the same thing. I can do it also, then show you the one prediction that matches. It’s all your interpretations of what he wrote. Example: I have been predicting the extinction of mankind since 2019. So if I write it in a book and predict 2064 as the extinction date, then in another section 2070 then 2080 and then 2090 etc. One of them will be correct. Then the people at that time period with say. “See Dan predicted 2080 and it’s true. Make 30,000 predictions and just point out the ones that are correct and I’m a great seer of the future. Hard to believe!!

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