Hillary Clinton announced Thursday that outspoken liberal comedian Amy Schumer will join her and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a “live virtual conversation” on March 7, the eve of International Women’s Day.

“Exciting news: @AmySchumer and @linahidalgotx will team up with @TeamPelosi and me for a virtual conversation on the eve of International Women’s Day,” the failed 2016 presidential candidate tweeted.

Schumer will moderate the conversation, hosted by multiple left-wing PACs, according to a promotional graphic.

Hillary Clinton will also receive the Forbes International Women’s Day Lifetime Achievement Award at the March inaugural “Forbes 30/50 Summit” in Abu Dhabi.

“There is no one more fitting than Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton to receive the Forbes International Women’s Day Lifetime Achievement Award,” said Randall Lane, chief content officer and Forbes editor.

According to Forbes, the summit will gather individuals deemed remarkable under the age of 30, as well as those over the age of 50.

Original Article: Amy Schumer to join Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi for Women’s Day celebration

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  1. People in this Country need to realize, that with Biden and the DEMORATS will destroy this COUNTRY and we will be the NEXT VENEZUELA. Biden has 45 years of CORRUPTION and his corruption in Ukraine with John (TRAITOR) Kerry got 100 million dollars illegally. No one ever brings up “old joe’s” years of lies and plagerism, a fact that forced him out of the 1988 Presidential campaign. People are so very wrong about CREEPY OLD JOE. They don’t research these left wing loons, then elect them and whine like cry babies after the fact. Im 78 and I have seen what these DEMORATS do, they lie cheat and steal to keep their POWER and CONTROL, WAKE THE HELL UP FOLKS.

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