SURING, Wis. (WBAY/Gray News) – The Oconto County district attorney charged the superintendent of the Suring school district with six counts of false imprisonment.

The charges stem from the January search of six students who were asked to strip down to their underwear to be searched for vape cartridges, WBAY reported.

District Attorney Edward Burke Jr. said Superintendent Kelly Casper directed the children into a small bathroom off the nurse’s office. Burke said Casper told the children to remove their clothing, and she stood in the doorway.

“Once the children removed their clothing, any opportunity they had to escape would have subjected them to further shame and embarrassment,” Burke wrote in a news release announcing the charges Monday.

He said no child was given an opportunity to leave or to contact their parents before being confined. “The only choice they were given was to have the search conducted by a police officer or Casper,” he said.

Burke previously declined to file charges, saying the search didn’t meet the legal definition of a “strip search” since the students were in their underwear. He said the investigation by the sheriff’s office focused on the search of the students, not their confinement.

Burke said the false imprisonment charges came after researching state statutes and administrative codes regarding how school employees can confine students.

According to the criminal complaint, false imprisonment is a felony. The superintendent faces up to six years in prison and a $10,000 fine on each count if convicted.

“I feel a lot of relief that something is being done, so we’re not setting an example in our little village of Suring for schools across the state of Wisconsin to be able to allow these type of things to happen to our students,” said Nicole, who declined to give her last name since her daughter is a victim.

Jeff Olson, a Madison-based civil rights lawyer hired by some of the parents, claimed the students’ Fourth Amendment rights were violated.

“One of these students had given them their e-cigarette. They still went through with strip searches down to their underwear and bra,” Olson said. “I think that’s bound to be a highly traumatic experience for young teenage girls.”

Olson said the DA’s criminal case could impact his civil suit against Suring Public Schools.

“Sometimes when they are confronted with a criminal prosecution, individuals that I am suing for damages take the Fifth Amendment,” Olson said.

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4 thoughts on “Superintendent Went Too Far With “Strip Search” Of Six Wisconsin Students”
  1. Has our education system gone totally nuts. Time to reel in these woke, social warrior a-holes. First, fire any educator who will not listen to the people who pay their salaries – parents ! If any educator performs any inappropriate action on any student, then they are given to the parents of said student to do to the miscreant what they feel is a just punishment. This will stop these snowflake , moronic, ne’er do well, hypocritical ‘teachers’ from acting TOTALLY inappropriate.

  2. The civil suit is against the WRONG thing. Yes the parents should sue but not the School system or the School it’s not the School who was WRONG it was the people involved. Suing the School hurts everyone including those who are Suing. As with the Criminal suit the civil suit should be against the people who committed this crime that way the Guilty pay both with prison time but money as well.

  3. The left leaning and thinking people are so tied up in their own opinions and ideals that they will go to any length to carry them out. They just don’t care who they are hurtung be they children or other adulys. Leftist think it’s their way or the highwat. They THINK they are the know all of everyones life. We have got to come together and stop them before they can hurt or traumatize anymore of our children or push their woke stupidness on others. They are not happy with the ruins they have caused, they want to barry us, our country. our Constitution, our ideals and our Religions in the ground. The left is dividing us on race, color and nationality and by sexual orientation. If they can divide us enough they will win and we will no longer be able to call ourselves AMERICANS or our Country AMERICA!! I wonder what woke name they will rename us?

    Would be nice if we could round up ALL the ring leaders and send them to the North Pole. No because Santa lives there. How about an uninhabited island? The sun? Pluto?

  4. I always wonder why the school officials do not call the parents in and make them part of the process. Any adult who touches a child can be sued for ALL SORTS OF CRIMES!!!! Any school administrator that fails to contact the parents are doing a disservice to the parent and the child. How many times have we had a school contact a parent to report little Jonny’s acting out only to find that little Jonny has been doing this for a long time. I just heard of a case last week where little Johnny had been was bullying other boys and girls for weeks. The school knew this but did not take the time to notify the parent. Now the school has a problem that will cost the system money. Stupid!!! Parents and school have to coordinate the educations and discipline of the student for everyone’s protection. To not do so is asking for a civil lawsuit.

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