A Dallas substitute teacher was left bleeding and in need of medical assistance after a student from the rea middle school flung a chair at him on Wednesday, March 9. The chair hit the teacher’s head and he started bleeding. The teacher also responded by throwing two chairs at the student but not nearly as fiercely as the student before he went back to his desk and wiped the blood from his head.
The incident was recorded from different angles by students and soon went viral. According to the police the chair fight occurred at DeSoto West Middle School. In some videos, only the male teacher is seen throwing the chairs at the student amid the chaos in the classroom but the school district official confirmed that the student attacked the teacher first.

The video of the incident revealed the chaos that ensued during the chair fight. In one of the videos, the teacher is seen rifling to get a chair mumbling “what the hell” before throwing them at the student. At the end of the video after the teacher sat down at his chair and is seen wiping the blood off his face a student is heard saying “this s**t is not funny”. The reason for the fight is yet to be revealed.

A DeSoto ISD representative also told WFAA that students attacked the educator first. Later, the paramedics were called to the scene as the teacher’s injury required medical assistance. The police said the district official refused to comment further regarding what caused the incident or whether students will be punished.

Following the incident, DeSoto Independent School District canceled all the classes on Friday, March 11 and sent the students on spring break early. Craig Miller, the school’s safety consultant, and former Dallas ISD chief told KDFW “[The student will] face serious assault charges based upon the angle that I saw in the video. It could very well be an aggravated assault, which also then could be enhanced, possibly because it happened to an educator in a school environment,” he said to the station adding that legal action will likely be taken in the incident.

According to KDFW school staff was asked to come on Friday, March 11, to review district policies that instructed them to monitor student hallways and common areas. Additionally, students won’t be allowed to use cell phones, earbuds/headphones during the school day. Further, the station also mandated safety and security meeting with parents on each campus.

Original Article: Dallas substitute teacher and students seen hurling metal chairs at each other in video

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