CHICAGO (WLS) — A man was released from custody Tuesday night after spending 20 years in prison for a murder his twin brother confessed to committing.

Kevin Dugar walked out of the Cook County Jail around 9:30 p.m.

He’s free now because his twin brother, Karl Smith, claims it was actually he who pulled the trigger in a 2003 shooting on the North Side that killed a rival gang member and injured another at Sheridan Road and Argyle Street in Uptown.

Smith is already serving a 99-year sentence for a violent home invasion in which a child was shot in the head.

In 2018, a judge said Smith’s confession was not credible, saying he’d been denied an appeal and stood no chance of being released. The judge also denied Dugar a new trial.

But the Northwest Center of Wrongful Convictions appealed Dugar’s case. Another judge reviewed it, and, Tuesday morning, said Dugar should be released.

Dugar’s attorney said he hopes a new trial will never come, and instead the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office will review the evidence and agree to throw it out.

“He is a free man tonight, and it’s long overdue after 20 long years,” attorney Ron Safer said.

Dugar was met by family members at Cook County Jail.

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3 thoughts on “After 20 Years In Prison Man’s Twin Confesses To Murder”
  1. Send donations to The Innocence Project. They have had 100’s of innocent people released from prison. Juries, judges and District Attorneys make mistakes. I’m not one who coddles does who break the law. But innocent people do not belong there while the real criminal is out hurting more people.

    Staten Island

  2. Dang, 20 years! How unbrotherly. I hope the freed man has a wholesome and fulfilling life ahead.

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