It all seemed fun and innocent enough. A parent dressed as the Easter Bunny handed out colorful eggs to students at a Texas elementary school. The only problem was, instead of treats, the multicolored plastic eggs were filled with condoms!

Most of the bunny’s eggs did contain candy, but somehow quite a few instead were packed with the condoms. According to a tweet thread among parents, it appeared to be an innocent error, per the local paper, The Chronicle.

Parent Nathan Jenson tweeted, “A parent showed up at my kids’ elementary school dressed as an Easter Bunny during pickup. He handed out eggs, mostly filled with candy. Some with unopened condoms. Not sure this is the Austin weird I signed up for.” 

Apparently, one of the parents, who works at a pharmacy, had been dressed as the Easter Bunny for a safe-sex presentation at an area clinic. She kept the costume on when she arrived at the school to pick up her second-grader and was immediately mobbed by the children.

In response, the woman handed out eggs that were appropriately filled with candy. When she ran out, she asked her husband to get more from her car, and he apparently brought back some “bad eggs” that, unbeknownst to him, had been from her earlier presentation.

“Chaos ensued,” Jenson noted in a second tweet.

George P. Bush, a candidate for Texas attorney general, went down a rabbit hole over the incident, calling it “disgusting” and illegal, tweeting, “Not only is this against the law, it’s disgusting. Radicalized leftist parents & school admins are out of control, attempting to exploit our children while in school. As AG, I’ll hold school districts accountable for their failures to protect our kids.”

The school district is now reviewing its safety protocols.

However, one parent told Bush that he should have read more about the incident before inappropriately blowing up, responding to his tweet, “Please do not be part of the far right misinformation campaign to pander to your base. This was not sanctioned in any way by school admins. Civic responsibility is even more important for public officials…”

2 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Hands Out Eggs Stuffed With Condoms At Texas Elementary School”
  1. Unlikely that was a “mistake” or “accident” and even if it was accountability is absolutely a necessity. Rather than responding with “please don’t be a part of the far right radicals” perhaps an apology would be in order. That very response in itself points to the fact that the person who did this thinks that accountability is unnecessary and therefore shows the mindset of the perpetrator. If these sexually confused leftists have not yet come to understand the American people are fed up with sexualizing our children perhaps it’s time for some real prosecution for child endangerment charges. This individual claims the Easter Eggs were from an earlier event should we not ask about that? What acceptable event has the Easter Bunny handing out condoms hidden in Easter Eggs? The answer is easy. There are no events acceptable in which someone in an Easter Bunny costume should be giving out condoms secreted in any Easter Eggs. Did everyone entirely forget what Easter is about? These idiots are disgusting examples of human excrement.

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