As the horrors of the brutality of the Russian invasion mount, the dead and twisted bodies of more than 300 dogs in a Ukrainian animal shelter. The animals had died of fear and starvation after they went weeks without food or water due to constant Russian bombings. 

Volunteers at the shelter in Borodyanka made the grim discovery last week after they were able to gain access for the first time since Russian troops invaded Ukraine two months ago.

“The refuge was injured in the war, but the animals were not killed by bombings,” UAnimals, the animal charity, said in a Facebook post.

“They died a terrible death without food and water, locked in their cells.”

Footage and images shared on social media by the charity showed the bodies of severely malnourished dogs piled on top of each other.

Of the 485 dogs left at the shelter, only 150 were still alive when volunteers were able to return after Russian troops left, the charity said.

The majority of the rescued dogs are still in critical conditions, while an undisclosed number died on the way to medical facilities, the charity added.

Meanwhile, people who have helped to rescue dogs from the war-torn region are running into snags. The BBC is reporting that people in the UK who have taken in rescue dogs from Ukraine say they are now “distraught” their new pets have been removed from their homes in a quarantine dustup.

The animals arrived in the UK on Mar. 20 following the efforts of a charity in Burton-upon-Trent. But within days of being rehomed across the country, officials ordered dogs’ removal, questioning the legitimacy of overseas blood tests amid rabies fears.

The government said it had quarantined them “to limit the risk of disease.”

The dogs have since been placed in quarantine sites across the country, upsetting their owners, who say they have also been quoted thousands of pounds for a four-month stay – the maximum for a pet which has received no rabies vaccination.