Vice President Kamala Harris has come down with Covid.  She is not experiencing any symptoms, which she attributes to the fact that she is vaccinated to being non-symptomatic.  It was revealed that she is “double boosted.”  I assume that means she has had four booster shots.

Like President Biden, Harris lives under some of the most restrictive protocols.  The White House maintains an indoor mask policy even as most of the nation is going maskless.  People who come into close proximity to the President or Vice President are tested before they can enter the six-foot protective personal space of other human beings.  Every member of the White House staff is allegedly vaccinated and boosted to the max.

It does not appear that those in the White House are subjected to contact tracing to see who might be spreading the virus among Washington’s power elite.  Harris is not the only high-profile public official coming down with Covid – including White House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki, and other top staffers.  A growing number of members of Congress are testing positive – mostly without symptoms.

One of the notable differences with Harris and other White House officials coming down with Covid has been the press reaction.  If you recall the newsies went nutsy when there was the possibility that President Trump had Covid at the time of the presidential debate.  

Remember how Trump was roundly criticized when he held a White House ceremony on the lawn, and a couple of attendees tested positive afterward.  It was on the news for days as a “spreader event.”  There were attempts to uncover who might have been the “spreader”.  All those video hugs and kisses were examined over and over

Conversely, when House Speaker Pelosi violated protocols by hugging and kissing Biden shortly before being tested positive, there was little to no media outcry.

So, now Harris has it.  Protected to the max and DOUBLE boosted, and she gets it.  Of course, had she not been tested, she would not have even known she was sick.  Just as Pelosi said she had no symptoms.  Just as almost everyone who had reportedly tested positive was among Washington’s power-elite.  That is also true of millions of other Americans.

How bad is this new Covid variant if most people would not even know they were sick?

That brings me to my headline.  You see, I was told by Dr. Fauci, the CDC and all those television doctors that the vaccine was more than 95 percent effective.  After my vaccination, I even wrote that for me, the Pandemic was over.  I could go out and about without masking – without fear.  My chances of contracting the virus were extremely remote.

In fact, in those early days, it was being reported that no one who had been vaccinated contracted Covid.  Later, they said that vaccinated people can get Covid, but it will not be as serious.  And we could even reduce the risk almost to zero by getting the booster shot – which I did.

But no matter how many upfront assurances I got from the experts, they would continue to peddle the next dose of vaccine.  They would keep on insisting that even vaccinated people should wear masks.

Fortunately, here in Florida, we have leaders who apply common sense to the data.  Consequently, we residents of the Sunshine State have been free of most of the CDC regulations for months.  You see very few masks and those plastic barriers and spacing markers are gone … gone … gone.

(The northern “snowbirds” seem to be hanging around Florida a lot longer this year.  My own opinion is that they do not want to go back to New York City which still looks like Pandemic central.  But I digress.)

When asked, I tell friends that I did not contract Covid.  But when I read about Harris, I got to thinking.  How would I know?  I have had days in which I felt a little tired.  Maybe I had Covid and did not know it.  I never get tested.  Why should I care if I contract a disease that leaves no symptoms – and anyone who catches it from me will probably not have symptoms either.

We have all had colds and flues that knocked us down – and we did not make a big deal about them.  We did not mask up, social distance, and wash our hands repeatedly.  So, why are we still acting like this latest Covid variant is such a big deal?

Testing is the reason cases appear high while hospitalizations and deaths are dropping.  And testing is the reason why places like New York keep the restrictions in place — winding up with a lot of folks who have Covid but are not “sick” in the traditional sense of the word.

I think we should save a lot of money by stopping general testing.  We should go back to what Dr. Fauci said at the onset (in case you forgot) – that you only need to get tested if you have symptoms.   This could be a situation in which what we do not know does not hurt us.

So, there ‘tis.

By Larry Horist

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