There’s not really much to say here. The quiet part was said out loud. If you you were unsure of the intentions of biased media, just take their word for it. Don’t only pay attention to what MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski says here, look how her colleagues agree with her. Awake yet?

4 thoughts on “Mika Doesn’t Want Elon Musk To Control What People Think — “That’s Our Job””
  1. She actually wrote: “That’s our job”? Do they think the American people are that stupid, or to they believe they can bypass the anti-Leftist narrative by seeming to approve of their own censorship?
    Elon Musk said nothing about controlling what people think. He has said he wants ALL viewpoints to get a hearing, and access to fair debate. Only a Leftist daughter of Zbigniew could twist that around to “control what others think”. And she thinks she’s smart? Well, honey, that’s one tactic that just ain’t gonna fly. I ran it up the flagpole, and it just didn’t fly.

  2. Since the MORON MEDIA is nothing but a bunch of RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of the Democraps NATURALLY they want to control Americans. THANK GOD that those of IS with brains do not buy their LIES. We SO NOT support Democraps, FAKE Republicans, or RINOS we support the REAL REPUBLICANS who CHALLENGED that FARCE Democraps call an election. We will stand up to the Democraps and theircRE TUM SUCKING FLUNKIES be they the MORON MEDIA M, FAKE Republicans, or RINOS.

  3. Age all trick, accuse someone else to be guilty of what you are actually doing yourself. i. e. Hillary accusing Trump of colluding with Russia when it was her all the time. They don’t want a social media that voices all opinions, just the narrative they support. Yes they know voters are Stupid, that’s why they keep listening to them. Go Elon Musk! Fighting for real free speech.

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