A state-run television station in Saudi Arabia mocked President Joe Biden as a sleepy dotard in a comedy skit depicting him and Vice President Kamala Harris.

The skit aired on a station owned by the Middle East Broadcasting Center, or MBC, which is a conglomerate owned by Saudi Arabia’s government.

The sketch begins with “Biden” and “Harris” walking on screen in front of a lectern as camera flashes can be heard popping. Biden points off screen, as if to members of a crowd. He then walks off stage, but Harris pulls him back to the lectern.

Here’s the rest of the sketch:

BIDEN: Thank you very much. Today, we gotta talk about the crisis [in] Spain.

HARRIS: [taps him on the shoulder and whispers in his ear]

BIDEN: Yeah, we gotta talk about the crisis in Africa.”

HARRIS: [taps and whispers again]

BIDEN: Yeah Russia. And I wanna talk about President of Russia–[pauses].

HARRIS: [whispers]

BIDEN: Putin. Putin. Putin! Listen to me, I have [a] very important message to you. The message is [falls asleep and snores].

HARRIS: [nudges Biden awake]

BIDEN: And the president of China–

HARRIS: [whispers]

BIDEN: Oh, I didn’t finish Russia?

HARRIS: No, sir.

BIDEN: Thank you to correct me, First Lady.

HARRIS: [Covers mic, whispers]

BIDEN: Thank you very much. God bless you, and God bless [snores]

HARRIS: [Physically picking up Biden] Thank you all. Hallelujah! Clap to your president!

Last month Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reportedly refused to take a call from Biden, who wanted the country to increase crude oil output as prices skyrocketed.

Watch above via the regime that murdered Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

Original Article: https://www.mediaite.com/tv/saudi-state-tv-brutally-mocks-biden-as-doddering-old-man-who-calls-kamala-harris-first-lady/

8 thoughts on “Video: Saudi State TV Mocks President Biden And VP Harris”
  1. Well the Saudi’s got that right! hilarious! Love to see SNL do it! Oh yeah their not funny any more!

  2. I have never been so ashamed of a President of the US before.he makes a shamble of everything he touches.Ho Lord Jesus come and deliver us from this disastrous regime!!!

  3. We used to be the “go to” nation. Not anymore. I’m embarrassed and ashamed by what a joke our country has become.

  4. I so agree with you. Those 2 have done nothing but make a shambles of our great Nation. It’s very very embarrassing,, what they are doing. Then you have the worse press secretary that all she does is lie. That whole Regime is rotten to the core. Let’s not forget old Nancy and old Chuck, McConnell.. There is too many to put down, we should kick them all out put in the people who know how to work and want to work. We could save a lot of money for the workers. Build a newer building, one we can be proud of again. That one stinks with all the lies, back stabbing womanizers . The place is a disgrace. Washington, is the Sewer pit of our Nation GOD BLESS AMERICA

  5. The USA was great until that guy name trump got to be President. He ruined everything, he told so many lies, patted him self on the back how great he was, didn’t ten tend to business, and golf every day. The country was in terrible shape, and Biden trying to put it back , Trump put so much hate and destruction and crime in the world we don’t want that any more. Get rid of him!!!

  6. What’s wrong w the other half of the US that voted gor this idiot
    Are they happy w gas & grocery prices
    Please explain why it’s ok to allow over 2 million illegals in our country?

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