Not long after a recent altercation with another passenger on a Jet Blue flight, former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson is making headlines again for another run-in with an irksome fan!

This time it was on the ground in Las Vegas. Iron Mike was in Vegas attending events ahead of the Shakur Stevenson’s unanimous decision win over Oscar Valdez at MGM Grand Garden Arena and was taking photos with fans when a woman stuck her finger close to his face from behind.

Tyson wasn’t having any of it and instantly spun to confront the woman when her pink fingernail came too close to his nose. His security appeared to rush over to the woman to try to de-escalate the situation, and Tyson’s entourage quickly escorted him away from the crowd.

Tyson has been busy recording his “Hotboxin” podcast and promoting his Tyson 2.0 bud line, which he launched late last year. The former heavyweight champion was traveling from San Francisco to Miami for a speaking engagement at the Benzinga Cannabis Conference when the April 21 airplane altercation took place.

Tyson’s reps claimed the fan on the plane, Melvin Townsend III, threw a water bottle at Tyson to provoke him. Townsend’s attorney denied the latter claim.

Townsend reportedly declined to press charges at the time, and both he and Tyson were free to leave after the incident. It’s unclear if an investigation is ongoing.

Since that incident, a video surfaced – first aired by TMZ – that showed Tyson laughing hysterically while speaking to someone on the phone after deplaning. 

In the video, he can be seen laughing in the terminal and sitting down while on a call. A witness told the outlet that the 55-year-old “was surrounded by cops … and was speaking with one of the officers following the incident.”

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