In Tuesday’s White House Press Conference aboard Air Force 1, newly-minted Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that both President Biden and Vice President Harris were “energized” to see the widespread pro-abortion protests over the weekend.

“There were a number of large demonstrations and rallies in defensive abortion rights. The President, of course, has spoken that he supports that as well. Why did he not appear at any of these?” one reporter asked.

“The President and the Vice President were energized to see the many people peacefully gathering this past weekend,” Jean-Pierre responded.

“The administration continues to do everything possible to protect access to women’s reproductive rights, including working closely with abortion rights groups, providers, and elected officials and more. He was indeed energized to see folks coming out peacefully protesting and speaking out,” she added.

Those protests about which Biden and Harris were so energized included one in Seattle, Washington, were Antifa militants dressed in black burned American flags.

The Seattle protest also featured a trans woman standing in front of officers, sporting white pants with blood near the crotch, and holding a pride flag.

In Arizona, one protestor was seen marching with a sign that read “Fetus = good snack.”

In Texas, protestors shouted slogans aimed against the government, saying “F*ck the church, f*ck the state, you can’t make us procreate!”

Protests had also been held leading up two the weekend, including ones held outside of the homes of Supreme Court justices, a move which has been condemned, though the White House and Democrat leaders have lauded the protests.

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