A vandal in the hometown of the late country legend Johnny Cash hit his water tower in the dark and when the sun came up the next day, exactly what the person had done was revealed, leaving an image of “The Man In Black” taking a leak on the town.

It happened in the small town of Kingsland, Arkansas, where a tower bares the name of the town in cursive along with a silhouette image of the “Ring of Fire” hitmaker holding a red guitar painted on the side. One night, someone decided to shoot a hole in the groin area of the image of the country superstar, making it appear that he’s now peeing down from the 50 gallon water tank, reported WBRZ ABC in a piece published Tuesday.

Mayor of the town Luke Neal told NBC News that the image of Cash has “been leaking for a week” and he said the tower is losing $200 of water every day that it continues. It is estimated that to repair the leak will to cost $5,000.

“You kind of run on a tighter budget in small towns like this, because really all you’ve got to work with … things like this can set you back a little bit,” Neal said.


The NBC News reporter noted that while it seems amusing, the vandalism was “no laughing matter” as the tower is loosing “close to 30,000 gallons every single day.”

Video on social media of the “Hurt” hitmaker’s image relieving himself has resulted in comments ranging from sadness to “hilarious.”

“This is hilarious!” one person wrote. “They need to install a remote controlled valve in that spot to make him p*** on the hour! Would be a better tourist attraction than the Old Faithful geyser!”

Another wrote,”On a side note, that is damn good aim.”

“People thinks it funny but a lot of hard work and effort went into getting the grant to get this painted,” Betty Graham, the town’s water office manager shared in response on Facebook. “It’s sad that someone could do this.”

Cash was born in Kingsland in 1932 and the town has a total population of 400 people, reported the New York Post. In 2021, the residents spent $300,000 refurbishing the tower.

Original Article: Bullet Hole In Johnny Cash’s Hometown Water Tower Has Man In Black Taking A Leak | The Daily Wire