Want to make over $10,000 a month? All you have to do is dress like up like Tarzan and Jane. 

Well, maybe you have to do a little bit more than dress up. In fact, it entails as much “dressing down” as up – but a UK couple says they make over £10,000 per month – that’s over $12K US –role-playing as Tarzan and Jane on the porno website OnlyFans.

Terri Martin, 29, joined the X-rated platform after quitting her job as a shop assistant in a bid to make more money.

Her husband Michael soon joined her after feeling “jealous” of his wife’s antics – before realizing they could make more cash together, he told local news outlet Yorkshire Live.

The pair, who live in Bristol, now pose for risqué pictures together dressed up in various costumes, including neon underwear and the Tarzan outfit.

The couple, who share a son together, has told how Yorkshire swingers are their “most popular” customer base.

But while they have a lot of support around them, Terri’s mum has dubbed her job an “act of prostitution,” Michael claims.

A former courier driver Michael said, “We made a TikTok account and started doing live videos of us together in a hot tub, and we would get thousands of people clicking onto the live. Things have just grown from there – but it isn’t easy.

“I don’t think people realize how much work goes into it. People who hear about OnlyFans think you can just join, and the next thing you will be a millionaire – it doesn’t work like that. Yes, you can make good money on it, but it takes a lot of work. We work 40 hours a week to get content out. We are very aware it is different to manual labor, and it is so much better than our jobs before.”

Michael continues, “There’s a lot of promotion involved in the job too and hours spent editing, etc. So, making £10,000 a month isn’t easy – and we hope to keep that growing more and more.”

Telling The Mirror how and why he joined Terri on the racy platform, he said, “I was getting a bit annoyed at first as she was on her phone all the time and would spend a lot of time doing it all. I didn’t have a clue about OnlyFans before I joined it. Terri started getting loads of likes on her page, and she told me that people started asking for pictures of us together. At first, I kept saying no, but then when she and I spoke about it, I decided to do it.”

Michael says he was no longer jealous when he realized this was something he and Terri could do together.

“I was always the one who was jealous initially, but then she started showing me what it was all about, and it made sense. We really aren’t jealous at all now as we are doing it together.”

He says that they have a growing number of fans, admirers, and regulars, but the couple has no intention of “hooking up” with any of them.

Describing their fans, he said, “We get a lot of people who love our content from Yorkshire. A lot of Yorkshire swingers have got in touch with us. But we are not interested in meeting up with people – we only post content online for people to enjoy. We are very active on Admire Me and Only Fans.”

Terri agrees that despite what her mom thinks, the line is drawn at the videos and pictures.

“We began by posting just what we wanted to show, but now we cater to people’s preferences. We have one man who comes to us every Friday and buys 30 pictures a week of us,” she told The Mirror.

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