It seems like things are getting worse in grade schools.

This time, it involves very innocent young kindergartners.

According to a substack article by Libs of Tik Tok, four-year-olds at Alert Bay, British Columbia school were asked to complete a worksheet that spoke of their private body parts.

The worksheet asks the young students to pick a place in their home, that’s private, where they can go and touch their “penis or vulva”, to basically… masturbate.

Below is a copy of the sexual worksheet obtained from Libs of Tik Tok:

Copy of the assignment worksheet students were asked to complete.

This parent posted an angry message on Facebook:

According to the article, the elementary school is part of the T’lisalagi’lakw School in Alert Bay British Columbia, which is part of the “Namgis First Nation“.

Libs of Tik Tok questioned the school who said the worksheet is under investigation and gave no further comments.

If you’re wondering how this atrocious worksheet got into the school in the first place, it was adapted from the book “Body Smart: Right From the Start” by Sex Ed Rescue. This book is recommended for extremely young kids from 3 years old to 7 years old.

On the Sex Ed Rescue website, you can also view their other sex resources.

7 thoughts on “Shocking! 4-Year-Olds School Kids Assigned To Masturbate At Home”
  1. Waiting to hear of all the fags getting wiped out! Whores all! Mess with our kids equals the end of them! Wake up and take out the trash once and for all!

  2. LIBERAL IGNORANCE STRIKES AGAIN and Schools who do this should be shut down. The School Boards who allow teachers to teach this GARBAGE should be removed from office and the board members and Teachers should all be charged with Pedophilia.

  3. It seems to me since our government has chosen to promote this type of life style, our children have become their next field of conquest. Most people never even questioned peoples choice of life style, but the small group of people who did made this a major topic for alternative life style livers, now they became the government new need protection from all other lifestyle persons. Now some what to legalize sex with children, what have we got ourselves into. God help us to come to our sense and live by our morals and raise good people and not let us head down this dirt road.

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