The Washoe County District Attorney’s Office argued to impose a $2 million bail for a Reno teacher arrested this week on suspicion of multiple felony counts of sexual assault against a former student.

Jose Luis Flores-Montelongo, 54, was arrested Tuesday and booked on five counts of sexual assault against a child under the age of 16; two counts of lewdness with a child under the age of 16; and one count of sexual activity by an adult school employee with a student.

According to previous reports, a 20-year-old female met with Reno Police Department officers this month and alleged she was first sexually assaulted by Flores-Montelongo when she was 13 years old and in seventh grade.

According to RPD, the woman said abuse went on from 2014-2018, while she was in middle school and in high school.

On Tuesday, the woman met with officers and directed law enforcement to a middle school band room and other locations where alleged assaults took place. During their investigation, officers processed three locations and obtained DNA.

Later that day, Flores-Montelongo was interviewed by police. According to RPD, he admitted to being with the accuser on multiple occasions and giving her hugs and kissing her forehead, but denied having a sexual relationship with her.

RPD said Flores-Montelongo’s “accounts were not consistent” because the woman was able to provide details of the incidents, leading to his arrest.

Reno Justice Court Judge David Clifton set a $500,000 bond for Flores-Montelongo Friday. His arraignment is scheduled for Monday morning in Reno Justice Court before Judge Ryan Sullivan.

Court records show Deputy District Attorney Stephen Hollandsworth requested the interim bail be set at $2 million, which Clifton denied during Flores-Montelongo’s bail hearing Friday.

Records show Flores-Montelongo appeared in court without legal counsel.

“(The DA’s) office argued strongly for a bail of $2 million based on public safety concerns, in particular the safety of children,” Michelle Bays, spokeswoman for the DA’s office, said in an email Friday evening. “We did not prevail in that argument.”

When asked why the judge went for a lower bail amount, Bays told the RGJ that is a question for the court. The court was closed for the weekend and no one was available to respond to a request for comment.

Flores-Montelongo is listed in the Washoe County School District employee directory as an orchestra director at Pine Middle School on Neil Road.

On Wednesday, WCSD spokeswoman Vickie Campbell said Flores-Montelongo had been placed on administrative leave and that school district police are assisting Reno Police with the investigation.

On Friday afternoon, the district released a follow-up statement after media reports published earlier in the day provided additional details on the alleged incidents.

The statement said the district “has not been privy to the details of the criminal investigation” and that Flores-Montelongo’s behavior does not represent the district, schools or the school district employees.

The statement notes the district placed Flores-Montelongo on emergency leave and “will continue to follow due process proceedings as required.”

They also said counseling is available for students and staff as needed. 

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2 thoughts on “Teacher Assaulted Student Several Times Before Arrest”
  1. This has become far too commonplace these days. If the woke sexualization of our children hasn’t directly contributed to these crimes it has at least created the environment in which it’s more possible. Normalizing teacher’s private interaction with students while keeping the parents out of those interactions opens the door for sexual predators to victimize the children that see them as authority figures and the inevitable occurs. This is not that difficult to understand. Children need protection and parents are the first line of defense. Alienating that paradigm will continue to have negative real world consequences and very real victims will suffer for the entirety of their lives because of it. Sickening and disgusting behavior. These people are grooming children for their own twisted desires. The madness must stop qnd parents need to be respected in all aspects of their children’s lives. This is not optional. We are seeing a very disturbing trend towards sexual confusion in the children and indoctrination and grooming in our educational system. This is not what we send our children to school for. We expect to be able to trust educators not have to defend against their attacks either physically or psychologically. We simply can no longer trust democrats to educate our children without harming them. They have shown their true colors and they have lied to us denying what we have caught them doing time and again. Never again should we entrust our children to the woke. Enough is enough!

  2. I have to agree with Human!! This woke philoaphy has to end. We can not continue to sit on the side lines while teachers are grooming our children. You, the parents have to step up and unite all of your voices to protect your children!! We, the outsiders must also step up! We all pay the taxes of those worthless woke teachers and their pay needs to stop, the Teachers Union needs to be disbanded and no union ever be formed again.

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