After an off-duty Philadelphia police officer was carjacked at gunpoint early Friday morning, the officer shot seven times at his SUV as it sped away. Hours later his SUV was found on fire — and a 15-year-old who was dropped off at a hospital with a gunshot wound to the hand is being held as a suspect.

What are the details?

The officer was coming home after his shift and wasn’t in uniform, WTXF-TV‘s Steve Keeley said during the station’s report.

The officer said he was parking his Silver 2020 Toyota Highlander around 12:15 a.m. when a suspect with a gun stopped him, reached into the officer’s pockets to grab his keys, then stole his vehicle, WXTF reported, citing Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Keeley said the suspect was dressed in a hoodie and was armed with a Glock handgun.

As the suspect made off with the cop’s car, the officer fired seven times, hitting the driver’s side of the vehicle, KYW-TV reported, adding that it isn’t known whether the carjacker was hit.

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The suspect then crashed the officer’s car into unattended parked cars near the intersection of 56th and Pentridge Streets in the southwest part of the city and then continued north on 56th Street, WTXF said, citing police.

Hours later, a vehicle was found burning in west Philadelphia, and it was identified as the officer’s car, WTXF reported.
Suspect allegedly found
WTXF added that sources told Keeley that a 15-year-old who was dropped off at a hospital with a gunshot wound to the hand after the carjacking is being held as a suspect.

Original Article: Gun-toting crook carjacks Philly cop; off-duty officer shoots 7 times as SUV speeds away. Later, cop’s vehicle found on fire; shot 15-year-old reportedly is suspect. – TheBlaze

5 thoughts on “15-Year-Old Carjacks Cop at Gunpoint, Burns Car”
  1. Go after law abiding people but let these criminals out. Where did he get the gun? Isn’t there a law that he has to pass inspection to get a gun–OH YEAH!! Criminals don’t have to follow the law, only legal citizens that are not law breakers!! So now, all you libs. Go give up your guns!!!!

  2. Is the cop going to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon after shooting at the car? I DON”T think he should be, but if the punk had hijacked MY car and I shot at him as he sped away, I have no doubt that they would “throw the book” at me! Taking away people’s guns won’t stop the punks and hoods from getting them and USING THEM but having them turned on them will!

  3. Fine upstanding young man! Truly a benefit to society and the world! Give him a pass and let him walk free for surely he’s learned his lesson. If these comments sound ridiculous then you haven’t completely lost your mind but if these comments sound reasonable then you are the problem. When do we say enough and really start hammering these punk ass thugs? Every single time they destroy multiple vehicles and even take lives just to avoid getting caught. We as a society must get serious about prosecuting criminals or this only gets worse. Time to reevaluate prosecuting teens as adults and perhaps it’s time to hold parents accountable for their children’s actions. Enough is enough!!!

  4. Do you think these punk cowards would bring a gun to school to kill anybody if they knew someone had a gun to fire back ?No they are cowards they only want to kill where there is no chance of anyone of defending themselves. Cowards will only attack those that can’t defend themselves. Like school bullies will only attack those that are smaller or unable to fight back. Taking the rights of American people to be able to defend themselves and there rights to protect loved ones will only protect those bullies and cowards. Like what is happening all over the world now and especially like the Russians attacking a much smaller country and they made a huge mistake because the people of Ukraine are fighting back because they have weapons to protect themselves. With all the thousands of people crossing into America how many of them are enemies. How many are killers or drug dealers. So why is our government trying to take our protection away. Let those who are teaching are children be armed let the people of America keep their rights to bare arms to protect our children in our schools.

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