Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez laughed and dodged a question on whether or not she would consider a run for president in 2024 during an appearance on the Colbert Show. 

‘I know somebody who’s going to turn 35 about a month before the election in 2024 and they represent New York’s 14th. Is that job appealing to you at all?’ host Stephen Colbert asked the New York Democrat

Ocasio-Cortez shot back: ‘We need to focus on keeping a democracy for anybody to be president in the next couple of years. That’s my central focus is helping the people of this country right now.’

‘So it’s possible?’ Colbert asked. The congresswoman laughed and said, ‘I don’t know about all that … you’re trying to get me in trouble, I don’t know about all that.’ 

The question was posed amid not-so-silent whispers that Democrats are not fully confident that President Biden, who will be 81 in 2024, will be up for running again. 

Biden and his top aides are ‘irritated’ by the cold reception his expected 2024 re-election bid has received from fellow Democrats and the media, according to the New York Times.

Biden and his team see perceptions that he is a ‘lame duck’ less than halfway through his first term as a ‘lack of respect,’ the Times reports based off anonymous conversations with people who speak regularly with the commander-in-chief. 

In light of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, Ocasio-Cortez also said on Colbert that she’d like Biden and Congress to reconsider expanding the Supreme Court, end the Senate filibuster and repeal the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funding of abortion. She also said Congress needed to get tougher on codifying abortion rights, gay marriage, interracial marriage and access to contraception. 

 ‘The Supreme Court has engaged in overreach and it is the responsibility of the President and Congress to put them in check because they have delegitimized themselves,’ the congresswoman said.

‘We just need to fight, and we need to show and demonstrate to the American people that when you vote to give Democrats power we will use it to the fullest extent possible to defend everybody civil, economic and human rights.’

During a CNN appearance earlier this month, Ocasio-Cortez refused to say whether she would back Biden in the next election, only offering: ‘we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.’

‘I think if the President has a vision, then that’s something certainly we’re all willing to entertain and examine when the time comes,’ the Democrat who serves as a figurehead of the Progressive Caucus said.  

‘That’s not a yes,’ CNN’s Dana Bash said, to which the congresswoman replied: ‘We should endorse when we get to it, but I believe that the President’s been doing a very good job so far, and, you know, should he run again, I think that I, you know, I think … we’ll take a look at it.

‘But right now, we need to focus on winning a majority instead of a presidential election,’ she said, referring to the midterm elections. 

West Virginia conservative Democratic Senator Joe Manchin also would not tell the New York Times whether he would support Biden, brushing off the question with, ‘We’re just trying to do our daily thing, brother.’

‘Trying to do what we got to do that’s good for the country,’ said the senator, who reports suggest has fielded requests from wealthy donors to run as a third-party candidate in 2024.   

The report suggests that Biden’s allies believe his ability to beat Donald Trump in 2020 is reason enough to support his candidacy, which comes amid the ex-president’s ever-increasing hints that he’s looking to run for office a third time.

It cites left-wing Democratic voters’ frustration with party leaders for failing to mount an adequate response to the Supreme Court overturning federal abortion protections in Roe v. Wade.

Many felt that Biden and Congressional Democrats fell short of expectations after having more than a month to prepare since the draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito was leaked in Politico early last month. 

As of Wednesday, Biden’s average approval rating across a whole spate of polls is 39.2 percent, according to FiveThirty Eight.  

On Tuesday Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger refused to commit to backing a Biden-Harris ticket in 2024. ‘I’m looking squarely toward 2022 and the reelection ahead of me,’ she said. 

Pressed if Biden was best positioned out of Democrats to take on Trump, the congresswoman said: ‘Ive been very clear that i think there are incredible leaders across the Democratic Party and that it is time to usher in new leadership.’ 

Original Article: AOC laughs and says ‘I don’t know’ as Stephen Colbert asks her if she will run for President in 2024 | Daily Mail Online

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  1. Let’s see, the Worse Presidents since FDR have ALL been democrats starting with LBJ, Carter, Clinton, Obama and unfortunately now Biden! You might throw JFK into the mix but he did not live long enough to join this list. By the way, they all have something in common, they were all good at Lying, Cheating and Stealing Our Money! So now we have Mayor Pete and AOC being “mentioned” hopefully “NOT SERIOUSLY I HOPE” as Presidential Timber? Heaven Help U.S.! The members of the Party of Pond Scum have No Redeeming Qualities……None and must be marginalized!

  2. Both parties are good at lying ad cheating and stealing our money. being a republican doesn’t mean we’re all on the same page. Donald Trump is the best president that we’ve had in a long time. He made his mistakes, he’s lied and cheated. He doesn’t need anyone’s money. But at least he stood his ground. No one is perfect. But we need to protect our freedom, protect our dignity. We need to shut down Biden’s boarder crisis. This is to protect our future. However we need to respect and treat our boarder crisis with respect, honor, and dignity. These people are human beings just like us. You cannot blame them for doing all they can do to get into America. How can we help our neighbors should be our topic. I know we’ve been providing jobs but there are ways of doing more. Go figure.

  3. Your only focus is DESTROYING this country so STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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