Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration is going to war with the nearly $100 billion U.S. cigarette industry by trying to implement a new FDA rule that would effectively ban nearly all nicotine in cigarettes.

The move reportedly comes as Biden tries to put energy into his cancer moonshot initiative — where he promised to reduce cancer rates in the U.S. by half over the next quarter century — amid his presidency that has been chalked full of crises that many have blamed him for, including skyrocketing inflationrecord high gas priceswar breaking out in Europedisastrous foreign policy decisions, a catastrophic border crisis, and a pandemic that Biden has failed to stop.

“FDA officials said reducing nicotine in cigarettes to very low levels would prevent future generations from becoming addicted to cigarettes, and help current smokers to quit or switch to less-harmful alternatives,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “According to an FDA study published in 2018, such a rule would prompt an additional 13 million adult smokers to quit within five years of implementation.”

Tobacco companies have noted that the move could potentially eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs. The Washington Post noted that opponents are likely to argue to “science does not support such a move” and that “slashing nicotine would boost demand for products on the black market.”

Biden’s plan likely would not take effect for years and could easily be reversed under a future administration or could lose to heavy lobbying by the Tobacco industry, which is expected to fight back hard.

“The policy would apply to all cigarettes sold in the U.S.,” the Journal added. “Imports of traditional cigarettes would be barred but multinational tobacco companies could continue to sell full-nicotine cigarettes in other countries.”

Guy Bentley, director of consumer freedom at the Reason Foundation, a libertarian think tank, said that Biden’s plan would ultimately fail.

“In practical terms, the proposal would ban most cigarettes currently sold in America,” Bentley said. “Combined with the Biden administration’s proposed ban on menthol cigarettes, this would amount to an effort similar to the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s” — leading it to fail, he said, according to the Post.

Original Article: Biden To Push Plan To Eliminate ‘Nearly All Nicotine In Cigarettes,’ Would Decimate Tobacco Industry | The Daily Wire

7 thoughts on “Biden Pushes Plan to Eliminate All Nicotine in Cigarettes, Decimating Tobacco Industry”
  1. your are suppose to be a president AND work WITH THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE and not against for you are not my father
    and not a dictator we do not have a dictatorship in the US
    so stop, go fall of the bike, play with female hair and STOP thinking
    and playing dictator

  2. GOOD! The tabacco companies should be decimated wipe out!! For all the deaths that have accured from use of thier product, if it was a medication or pharmacitical product it would be banned and pulled from the shelves. This is the same for products that could cause harm! The families they have destroyed, the rising cost of insurance, the suffering from lung and mouth cancer, slow death they should suffer. It is about time to eliminate this scurge apon humanity!

  3. Much more important things to work at Mr appointed president! Like gas prices, border security, the list goes on and on! But your worried about cigarettes! Get with the program or get out!

  4. I am not a smoker or a user of tobacco products. Biden is grandstanding again and this time he is really being stupid. the attempted to de-nicotine tobacco has been tried numerous times and like other drugs, the using public will not go along with it. We can not stop heroin. fentanyl or meth so how in the hell does he think they will stop nicotine??? Also, what will Hunter do if Biden stops his Cuban cigars??? Another stupide scam along with the hundreds of stupid things he has already done. I am actually embarrassed for this idiot…

  5. I just hope and pray that war in not declared and fought on our doorstep until at least we have a mentally competent President and a VP that can at least have a clue as to what that position entails. Harris, you do have the intelligence to know that you were not selected as a VP because of your abilities, don’t you? You were selected ONLY BECAUSE you are a black female, period! I will not refer to you as an African American because you were born in America meaning you are just like the rest of us…an American

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