Reports have risen to the surface that top officials at Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) are receiving millions of dollars in secret royalty checks!

An investigative report by Open the Books, an American nonprofit organization that describes itself as a transparency group devoted to uncovering disclosed government spending, found more than $134 million was paid to 1,600 NIH executives, scientists, and researchers by third-party groups. The payments were revealed after a Freedom of Information Act request.

The scheme reportedly involves the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, along with several US Department of Health and Human Services and Pentagon agencies, as well as the US Agency for International Development. Republican lawmakers are aware of this report, and they are calling for a deeper inquiry.

“The NIH is in the midst of, as you know, awarding grants for research,” said Rep. John Moolenaar (R-Mich.). “Is also in the position of sort of evaluating or giving opinions on drugs that work or don’t work. And the idea that scientists may be benefiting financially from work that they have done at NIH, that creates to me an appearance of a conflict of interest.”

The report did not say if Fauci himself took any direct payments, but this is all going on under his watch.

According to the GOP, royalty payments to NIH officials may undermine public trust in the government’s certification of medical drugs.

6 thoughts on “Fauci’s NIH has Received Millions in “Dark Money” Secret Payments!”
  1. First of all, as you well know, it is not and never was Fauci’s NIH. He has never been Director. Secondly your piece lacks factual detail, depending on innuendo. You have shown NO EVIDENCE Of conflict of interest or corruption. Dark money involves
    anonymous contributors. Are these anonymous? Until you show actual facts, this will only emit the odor of scurrilous crap.

  2. Regardless of the ridiculous denial of some Fauci was clearly wrong at every turn and yet still holds the position. He denied funding for gain of function research while the NIH admitted that fact. He’s a liar and a pawn of the democratic party. He’s untrustworthy and is useless to the nation. So dark money would be absolutely no surprise to me or anyone who uses logic. This is an evil little man with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Just another little Nazi that cares only for himself and his bottom line. He’s done everything and anything to remain relevant so I truly hope his relevance comes in the form of a criminal court.

  3. Dr Fauci is a communist terrorist thug and if his lips are moving he is lying. He can take his monkey pox’s and stick it up his ass. I am not going to do anything the communist democratic terrorists thugs say you have to follow. Lie once shame on them, lie again shame on me, will not fall for anything they ever say. It makes it hard to even trust anybody in the medical field. I am not the only one that feels that way.

  4. But Dr Ross, he is in fact an NIH institute director where his wife is also a department head, so yes we can see the association of deception here.

  5. We are always hearing about all the illegal things these public figures are doing but we’re not hearing about the being brought up on the charges. It’s getting to be like an old pair of shoes, all worn out. When these people are arrested and prosecuted for their wrong doings, that’s when we start to believe in the judicial system again.

  6. And now the story unfolds on Dr. Fauci Mengele. And he is about to retire and thing will avoid he role in the lockdowns and being part of the ruining of America. He did the same thing in the 1980’s when he gave aids patient a chemo drug AZT, and killed millions of Americans. He deserves nothing less than being hung upon a cross upside down and set on fire!

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