The police department in the city of Columbus, Ohio has gone all in for ‘pride month’, otherwise known as the month of June, by decorating one of their police cruisers with the gay rainbow and appointing one of their officers as the “LGBTQIA+ liaison officer”.


The officer in the video says: “Hi I’m Officer Lutz with the Columbus Division of Police. I’m your LGBTQIA+ liaison officer and we are unveiling right now our pride cruiser for the month of June! I’m excited about this cruiser. It’s great for representation.”

On the cruiser it says ‘Love is Love’ and calls on people to ‘report hate crimes’ against the LGBT community.

I think it might be time to defund the Columbus police. Heh, I’m kidding.

But seriously, they should defund the officer or city official that came up with this crap. Ugh.

Original Article: “I’m your LGBTQIA+ liaison officer” – Police Dept in Ohio reveals “pride cruiser” for pride month – The Right Scoop

One thought on “Police Department Reveals ‘Pride Cruiser’ For Pride Month”
  1. Were was my Irish cruiser and liaison in March? May stereotypical and untrue “facts about the Irish especially departments continue to use the racial slur “Paddy Wagon”

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