There have been reports that voters are leaving the ranks of the Democratic party in astounding numbers as Joe Biden’s approval ratings sink to new record lows!

In a new CBS poll, Biden received a 66 percent disapproval rating over his handling of the economy, while 71 percent of respondents said they disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation.

Biden’s slow race to the bottom is finding the numbers of registered Democratic voters dropping significantly, while the GOP has added a whopping number of new registrants, the vast majority of those switching their party affiliation from “D” to “R.”

The Associated Press is reporting that over the past year, the GOP has seen major gains adding a staggering 1 million registered voters across 43 states who switched from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party. 

The findings show that college-educated voters in the suburbs returned to the Republican Party, despite opposing Donald Trump in the 2020 elections. However, the Democrat Party gained 630,000 voters in cities, small towns, and suburban areas. The data shows Republicans are likely to retake the majority in Congress after November midterms.

This comes as a rising number of Americans believe the US economy is getting worse and are concerned about their personal finances. According to a recent poll by CBS News and YouGov, 75 percent of Americans view the state of the US economy as bad or getting worse. That’s up from 63 percent who said the same back in April.

Additionally, 33 percent of respondents expressed concern about not being able to afford basic goods, while a total of 73 percent said they are concerned about their ability to save money. Meanwhile, only 10 percent of Americans said that they are confident about their retirement plans in this economy.

6 thoughts on “Voters Leaving the Dems as Biden’s Numbers Tank”
  1. This is fake news! After the supreme court ruling Republicans are the ones jumping ship! The Democrat party is more popular than ever now.

  2. Mr. Ed, your short-sighted reply shows obvious ignorance of the facts. The Roe decision only emboldened Republicans to stand strong and to protect the lives of the unborn. Demon-crats under Biden Admin. shut down fossil fuel production in US; increased inflation; support policies to defund the police, gun restriction laws, penalize and criminalize parents who speak up for children at school board meetings calling them “domestic terrorists”; pushing for CRT that teaches anti-religion, anti-science, while ignoring the core subjects of math, constitutional law and math. Demon-crats blatantly ignore the rampart drug abuse (fendanyl/opiates) coming across our southern borders, cartel run drug trafficking, open boarders, and illegal immigration. BTW, why is there no serious investigation into the Clinton campaign, Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s dealings with China, Ukraine, etc.??????

  3. The Dems are in power yet have not banned assault rifles or protected womens right to an abortion. Basicly doing nothing.

  4. Mr Fong

    SPOT ON!

    Even IF u still supported Libtard logic.. the very second they stated “They” know better for our kids than the parents do… that’s all it would have taken for me to jump ship. I was smart enough to never get on their ship just saying is all…

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