Detectives have made an arrest in the 2021 death of 5-month-old Angel Stanford.

44-year-old Toni Camia, Angel’s grandmother, has been charged with aggravated child abuse/neglect/endangerment of a child less than 8 years old and first-degree murder in perpetration/attempt to perpetrate a crime.

On Aug. 6, 2021, Clarksville Police officers responded to a call on Hadley Drive for a baby that was unresponsive. Camia stated that she “took a bath with the baby and fell asleep” and that the baby was not breathing, according to police spokesman Scott Beaubien.

Angel was transported to Tennova Healthcare-Clarksville, where she was pronounced dead.

An autopsy determined the primary cause of death is probable drowning and a contributory cause of death was acute methamphetamine intoxication.

This information, along with additional evidence from the investigation including blood results showing methamphetamines in Camia’s blood, was presented to the Montgomery County Grand Jury earlier this month.

An indictment was issued and served to Camia at the Montgomery County Jail, where she was already incarcerated on unrelated charges. Her bond was set at $300,000 This case is pending prosecution.

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2 thoughts on “Woman High on Meth Drowns Granddaughter in Bath”
  1. That woman, if found guilty as charged should get the death penalty, an eye for an eye. If the death penalty is not an option she should be given life without the possibility of parole.

  2. Another death on Biden and his OPEN BORDER agenda. The meth trafficking will increase and increase and result in more and more deaths. Unfortunately as in this case an innocent. BIDEN HAS TO GO AND GO NOW!!!!

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