This no-nonsense nonagenarian threw a wrench into their plans.

A 93-year-old retired plumber turned the tables on a group of would-be burglars — shooting one of them and scaring the rest off after they broke into his Los Angeles home, authorities said.

The elderly homeowner, Joe Howard Teague, called 911 just after 12.30 a.m. Wednesday to say he’d confronted several home intruders and was holding them at gunpoint, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said.

“I approached them to put them under citizen’s arrest,” Teague told ABC 11 News outside his home Thursday.

“They wouldn’t adhere to that and then one of them came at me with a fishing pole.”

Teague said the suspects, who had kicked his door open, started throwing objects at him as he pointed his gun in their direction.

“It was just like somebody comes to a gunfight with a pocketknife, you know,” Teague said.

When authorities arrived on the scene, they found one suspect — 33-year-old Joseph Ortega — suffering from a gunshot wound inside the home.

Witnesses said they saw his alleged accomplices flee the home on foot before authorities arrived.

“Investigators have established that several individuals, including Ortega, were inside Teague’s property when a shooting occurred,” the sheriff’s office said.

The homeowner, who wasn’t injured during the ordeal, was questioned by police and later allowed to return home.

The sheriff’s office said the initial investigation showed that Teague was “justified” in the shooting, but the probe was still ongoing.

A man whose wife is related to Teague said the elderly homeowner had been the victim of several recent break-ins.

“He was tired because every time he calls the police, the police were taking forever to come and assist him,” Oscar Malma said.

“He was defending his property. That happened inside of his home. So, I don’t think there would be any reason for him to be arrested.”

Ortega, the injured suspect, was hospitalized in critical condition, authorities said.

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7 thoughts on “93-Year-Old Shoots Home Intruder”
  1. This man should get a medal for doing what was right. Law abiding citizens MUST defend themselves and their property as law enforcement no longer can. God bless this gentleman and may be remain in good health. Enough is enough from these low life criminals.

  2. Those policemen are not very intelligent or knowable of the rights of citizens.
    Why do I have weapons at home? to defend my wife and I in case of an intruder. I won’t ask any question, just shoot at the intruder o intruders.

  3. I am thankful for this man caring enough to stand up for himself. Enough bullying by people that love to commit crime. Perhaps some of these people are getting paid to commit evil acts against others. God bless you for doing what is right!

  4. This poor guy was targeted because he’s elderly. But he certainly showed them he wasn’t having these punks break into his home & possibly doing him bodily harm. Kudos sir you did the right thing!! The police should give him a medal!!

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