Joe Biden’s goofs, gaffs, and continuingly plummeting poll numbers have had White House staffers running for the exits. The latest rat to desert the sinking ship – White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield.

According to The Hill, reliable sources said that Bedingfield would be stepping down this summer.

Bedingfield, a longtime aide to President Biden who dates back to his time as vice president, quickly became one of Biden’s most trusted advisers and helped catapult him to the White House. 

Her departure comes as the latest of many, as Biden’s poll numbers plunge and  Democrats become increasingly concerned about the president’s problems with messaging as he has been dealt a series of setbacks, from the Supreme Court striking down Roe v. Wade to gun violence and record-high inflation.

“His messaging has been terrible,” said one Democratic strategist. “It’s bad. There’s no way around it.”

The Communication Director is the latest member of the White House press office to depart over the past few months.

Jen Psaki left her role as press secretary in May, and a handful of assistant and deputy press secretaries left as well in the following weeks. Deputy Communications Director Pili Tobar also departed in the spring.

As further indication of Biden’s message and branding issues, the White House has added communications officials from other agencies in the administration, most notably bringing former Pentagon press secretary John Kirby aboard as the National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications at the White House.

The Biden White House has juggled a series of crises in recent weeks, including inflation, the war in Ukraine, gun violence, and the Supreme Court striking down the Roe v. Wade abortion precedent.

Democrats have criticized the White House for being flat-footed in its response to most of those issues, particularly the Supreme Court ruling, which had been telegraphed weeks earlier in a leaked draft opinion.