Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was eviscerated by social media users over his Vogue photoshoot with his wife, First Lady Olena Zelenska, which transpired while their country continues to be invaded by Russia.

Social media memesters immediately took to Twitter to mock Zelensky’s Vogue photoshoot. Many memes took the approach of changing just who posed for the glamor shots.

One Twitter user created a “more truthful” version of the Vogue cover.

On the same theme, one meme maker pointed out it’s all about the money:

A viral video mixes images of Zelensky’s career in entertainment with his new career as a world leader and Vogue cover model.

Other Twitter users also inquired about how their $40 billion in tax dollars to Ukraine is being spent, given that the country’s president appears busy with photo shoots while Americans suffer from food shortages and inflation.

“I wonder how Zelensky has time to launder those billions between all of his photoshoots,” another Twitter user pondered.

“Zelensky is ‘fighting for his life’ in Ukraine but has time to meet with Hollywood celebrities and corrupt politicians, preach about the need to transition to ‘green energy,’ and appear in Vogue magazine,” another wrote. “Put the war on hold while I pose for photoshoots. It’s always been a scam.”

“Zelensky and his wife posing for Vogue. The optics are really bad. Terrible,” another said. “Anyone with half a brain is going to find this photoshoot repellent. But the people with the [Ukraine] flag in their bio will lap it up – this is for them. So very shallow. And very sad.”

“Zelensky really did a war themed vogue photoshoot?” one dismayed Twitter asked.