Fresh footage has emerged from Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell showing him sitting in a sensory deprivation tank smoking crack from a pipe just weeks after he asked his father to pay for a detox program.

The Daily Mail obtained the footage, shot at Blue Water Wellness Centre in Massachusetts, and dating from January 2019. Biden is seen also drinking alcohol inside the tank.

He again filmed himself for some bizarre reason sitting naked in the tank playing with his genitals and looking completely shitfaced.

Text messages found via the laptop also confirm that Hunter texted his father asking for money to pay for the treatment in addition to bills and alimony.

Joe Biden responded saying he was wiring $75,000 dollars to his son to pay for the treatment.

Further texts reveal that Hunter asked for another $20,000 just days later to fund a ‘sober house’ detox program. His father again appeared to oblige him, responding “Just called Mel he will get 20 to your account this afternoon tomorrow morning at latest. He will contact me when transfer goes through.”

In a text on January 1st 2019, Hunter told a woman he appeared to be acquainted with that “my dad is paying for whatever I need.”

The latest footage comes after the White House Press Secretary refused to answer questions regarding the laptop and a voicemail left on Hunter’s phone by Joe Biden seemingly discussing business dealings.

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6 thoughts on “Video: Hunter Biden Films Himself Smoking Crack In Deprivation Tank Detox Paid For By Joe Biden”
  1. And nothing is being done to Prosecute and convict the Biden family. Just once I wish there was an equal amount of outrage and “Follow The Money” investigations.
    Alas, Jack Shit will be done. MSM protects their own.

  2. I been hearing again and again that China and Russia have Hypersonic Weapons! I also keep hearing that both countries are Stealing Our Technology! Let’s see: Joe, Hunter and the Biden family have gotten MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from China and Russia! If we use some Basic Logic we could surmise that Joe and Hunter are selling these “Secrets” to China and Russia! As Sherlock Holmes would say…..‘Alimentary My Queer Watson”! (My version of what he would say was “adjusted” to bring it up to date)! In any event we need a Special Investigation into the actions of Joe and Hunter like they did to Our President Trump!

  3. When will this Piece of Subhuman Garbage, Hunter Biden, die from an Overdose? He, like his father, have No Redeeming Qualities NONE and neither will be missed.

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