With Roe v. Wade thrown out the window by the Supreme Court, liberals are looking to put up a fight for continued abortions in red states using various means. They are piling their hopes on the abortion pills that can terminate pregnancy without the medical procedure carried out by a doctor at a health facility. Their big fear, however, is red states banning the abortion pills as well.

Abortion pills have been in use since 1980s starting with the manufacture of RU-486 (mifepristone) later joined by misoprostol, making it a two-pill course. In America, the abortion pills were made available in the year 2000 after FDA approval. Taken as instructed by the abortion doctors, the pills essentially make the pregnant woman miscarry the baby in the first 11 weeks of pregnancy without having to go to the doctor.

Mifepristone comes with scary health risks and adverse effects including vomiting, diarrhea, and heavy bleeding that can be accompanied with severe pain (in which case the patients are asked to seek immediate medical help). A 2015 study showed that the abortion pill is four times more dangerous than first-trimester surgical abortion and about 6% of women who take it seek emergency care for complications.

Despite their serious health risks to women, the pro-abortion liberals are hoping to make abortion pills as easily and widely available as they can so as to maximize abortion rate in states where the government may restrict or ban clinical abortions. Some data cited by Business Insider on June 24 suggests that over half of the abortions in America are already induced by the abortion pills. The big question remains whether states can and will ban abortion pills.

Attorney General Merrick Garland was cited last Friday saying states cannot ban the abortion pills as they are FDA-approved. It is worth noting that the FDA under the Biden administration has been removing much of the regulations around the purchase of abortion pills. Last year in April the Biden administration lifted a federal ban on mail-order abortion pills.

But some conservatives have already gone on record to contradict Garland and say they would support banning of abortion pills as it becomes a state affair. Fox News’ Brett Baier asked Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, who is endorsed by President Trump, whether she’d ban abortion pills if she holds the governor’s office. Her answer was yes; that she would support legislation banning abortion pills in the state. The states of Indiana and Texas already have bans on medication abortion at various stages in pregnancies. Nineteen states require the physical presence of the dispensing clinician for the patient to take the abortion pills, thus limiting the ease with which women can induce abortion via miscarriage using the telemedicine.

One of the facts of nature worrying liberals is the time it takes to realize a pregnancy. They are concerned that since most pregnant women don’t realize they are carrying until the fifth or sixth week of pregnancy, it may be too late for them to get the pills in time to miscarry the baby. On top of it, major retailers like Amazon and Walmar have moved to limit purchase of the abortion pills due to high demand.

With abortion becoming a state matter, ending the life in the womb is going to become more difficult and though liberals still hope the abortion pills will be accessible to women, impending bans on these pills are in view, possibly leading to more litigation and even ending up before the Supreme court against the Biden administration.

4 thoughts on “Will Red States Ban Abortion Pills to Stop At-Home Abortions?”
  1. I lost a beloved son at age 31 and become confused and yes, angry when you dare to compare a fertilized egg with a child very much alive and very much loved. Very early abortion should remain legal and very private. In the case of young girls who become pregnant before marriage, why isn’t the father of the baby given the sole responsibility of raising the baby along with the financial requirement? This is not just a Democrat debate, but they just seem to be less hypocritical than Republicans.

  2. Hope, a child is a child whether or not you can see them. Your post is pure nonsense. Killing people is wrong.

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