President Biden’s approval rating is the highest it has been since June according to a new Reuters-Ipsos opinion poll.

The poll showed that Biden’s rating is now at 41 percent, which is the first time it has been over 40 percent since the beginning of summer. The survey included 1,005 adults; 78 percent of the Democrats surveyed were in support of Biden. This is 9 percent higher than the results shown in early July.

Republican approval rates have steadily remained at 12 percent.

Still, the Reuters-Ipsos poll shows that there is a slight increase in Biden’s polling numbers as of last week. This is important as Biden’s approval rates dropped to below 50 percent for the first time in August of 2021. This was following the unorganized withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. His lowest rates were reported in May when he reached 36 percent.

Biden has had to face a lot of criticism over not only his response to the COVID-19 pandemic but also regarding the inflation rates and increased gas prices.

This small increase in his approval rates is probably the result of the different legislations that he has managed to pass in the past few weeks.

The Inflation Reduction Act, a climate, health care, and tax package, as well as the successful military drone strike which resulted in the death of al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, have all helped increase Biden’s polling numbers.

9 thoughts on “Biden Finally Receives Good News”
  1. the ONLY f’ing reason is because of his “loan forgiveness” I swear to God if dems win, I AM DONE!!!!!!!

  2. Who in their right mind can ever believe this? The Dems are the biggest liars in politics. They have already shown us countless times where they lie, cheat and steal to gain acceptance. Biden is part and parcel of the gang of liars and cheaters. And cheating is nothing new to Biden. More than once he was caught plagiarizing in school. In government for over 50 years he has done nothing, nil, zippo in any legislation that would help anyone especially minorities. If the election between Biden and Trump were held today with everything that is now public, Biden would lose by an enormous landslide. Case closed.

  3. Did anyone seen the debacle in Aphgamistan
    Has anyone seen the debacle at our border?
    Has anyone seen the death toll of Fentanyl?
    Has anyone bought gas?
    Has anyone bought groceries lately?
    BUT……. He is real good at spending the taxpayers money day after day after day.

  4. Total BS and the only gain this devil achieved is he’s sealed the deal with Satan as to where he will spend eternity!

  5. Biden is a sleepy, lairing, cheating, Dem. He did not win the office President without cheating and everybody knows that. I am a Dem and not pride of My party

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