A group of left-wing “agitators,” as police called them, went on a rampage recently in Akron, Ohio, blocking traffic and attacking and injuring a motorcyclist who came across the mob.

The mob was part of ongoing BLM protests that have rocked Akron over the police shooting of Jayland Walker – a black man who allegedly fired a shot at police, before he was shot multiple times and killed by pursuing officers. 

Police say the 35-year-old victim suffered “significant facial injuries” from the attack as protesters disrupted traffic on High Street near the Harold Stubbs Justice Center. The man was able to drive himself to Summa Health Akron City Hospital for treatment.

More than fifteen cars filled with occupants were part of the aggressive “protest caravan.” As the protest went on police, say that several “agitators” were preventing uninvolved vehicles from driving through. The motorcyclist tells police he was traveling south on High Street when a group of protesters demanded that he go in another direction.

Two or more people then attacked the motorcyclist from behind. He was knocked to the ground and assaulted. He sustained “significant” facial injuries in the attack, the Akron police report states. His motorcycle was also damaged.

After the attack, the caravan of protesters left the area and went to other neighborhoods, “causing disturbances, creating safety concerns and obstructing the flow of traffic,” police said.

As well as beating the innocent motorcyclist, the BLM protesters reportedly caused disturbances in other parts of the city. Akron City Councilman Shammas Malik released a statement on Twitter saying people demonstrated outside the homes of several council members that same night.

“Certainly, a peaceful protest in front of my house or Neil Gorsuch’s house or anyone else’s house is protected by the First Amendment, but it’s still intimidating (and I think that’s the point for many people),” Malik said in a statement. “It promotes a mob mentality — a group of people outside someone’s home in the middle of the night shouting verbal, misogynistic threats and keying a car … that’s what one of my colleagues experienced last night.

“It’s not hard to imagine that leading to actual violence against people.”

The beginning of this month saw waves of ANTIFA and BLM violence that lasted for nearly a week, with angry mobs setting fire to dumpsters, overturning planter boxes, and smashing out business storefronts. 

These acts of violence caused the mayor to impose a curfew on July 4. For a time, the protesters became more peaceful, but in a few days, they ramped up again, causing the mayor to reinstate it as the rioting returned. 

The curfew was finally lifted on July 17. No word yet as to if the mayor will reinstate it once again in light of these latest acts of BLM aggression.

As to the assault on the motorcyclist, no arrests have been made. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Akron Police Department Detective Bureau at 330-375-COPS or CrimeStoppers at 330-434-COPS. Tips can be anonymous.