Democrats are still reluctant to campaign with President Biden ahead of the midterm elections. This is even after a cohort of good news has come out of the White House.

In the past few months, Biden has had some big legislative wins, which have led to his numbers in the polls bouncing back slightly. Still, enthusiasm among Democrats is limited.

As the primary season comes to a close, some experts believe that democrats should attach themselves to Biden following his recent wins.

Michael Cornfield, a political scientist and associate professor at George Washington University, said that the Republicans are bound to attach the democrats to Biden regardless of whether the Democrats have campaigned with him or not. This is why they should get ahead of it by embracing Biden once more.

While on a trip to Ohio, Democratic Senate candidate Tim Ryan and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley both did not attend Biden’s event.

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio), also skipped a Biden event earlier this year and even had a campaign ad stating “She doesn’t work for Joe Biden. She works for you.”

Biden whose traveling has been limited by COVID-19 and his two-week vacation has not appeared alongside most Senate candidates. This includes those in key races in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Arizona.

According to a Democratic strategist, this doesn’t make sense and candidates would be reasonable to appear with Biden as part of their campaign strategy.

The strategist also noted that every candidate is different, and their approach in the midterm elections will largely depend on the demographic they represent.

Another Democrat strategist has also spoken in favor of candidates approaching Biden as he has said that the President will most likely be willing to help with anything that will help him maintain both the House and Senate.