As elections nationwide are resigning due to the threats and violence, the pressure ahead of Election Day is heightened.

Election offices in nine states have now reported that many are resigning early, which is leading to an increased level of misinformation circulating regarding potential voter fraud. The threats faced by poll workers are also a point of discussion.

The early resignations are also causing many to be concerned ahead of the midterm elections in November, as many are worried there might be a lack of experts available to facilitate running the elections.

Election administration is a complex process that requires the right personnel and officials for the technology to be properly used, and for voters to be registered accurately. This is also important for counting accurately the ballots according to Elizabeth Howard, a senior counsel for the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice.

A large number of resignations have also followed after former President Trump made a big deal about alleged voter fraud. Trump had reportedly blamed that for losing the election to President Joe Biden.

In Texas, election offices have noted a 30% turnover rate following the threats of violence in the past few years. Colorado and Florida have also noted similar numbers.

In Georgia, a former election worker also spoke up about the incidents following the 2020 election which led to her resignation. Andrea Moss reportedly said that she received death threats, as well as many hateful and racist comments.

According to reports 1 in 6 election officials have now faced threats. There are also reports that the threats have increased by 77% in the past few years according to the Brennan Center for Justice. It is expected that 20% of officials will leave their position before the 2024 presidential elections.

9 thoughts on “Election Problems Go From Bad To Worse”
  1. If election official know that they have NOT Participated in Fraud, they should have Nothing to fear. Moreover if they help ensure that the vote counts are Honest, they should be applauded ….

  2. Another liberal scheme to demand mail ballots. We’re on the the criminals. There are a surplus of people ready to help in any way with elections. Those resigning are more that likely involved in the fraud schemes.

  3. Voter fraud is totally acceptable by democrats, so long as it advantages them. If that what it takes to win, so be it.

  4. Interestingly the article references the Brennan Center as a source of information. They don’t even believe in the Constitution as written, instead that it should be interpreted with today’s meaning of the words. To illustrate, they call Georgia’s “voting integrity act” a “voter suppression law”. That tells you what their mindset is.

  5. The people leaving are more than likely the ones helping democrats win with fraudulant votes. Most people in these voting places prabably needed to be replace amyways. This vompany giving out information about elections is prabably liberals as well. Gods got this mid-term election

  6. I would love to work at the polls. Democrats seem to think if they change the subject no one will notice I’m honest I believe in integrity and rules.

  7. Hmm, people who blame Dems for.”voting fraud” must not have been paying attention. Or have they forgotten that Trump ,& Giuliani went whining to ,62 courtrooms after losing their election–some run by Rs and some by D’s,–and were thrown out of 61 of them for failing to produce a shred of what judges sorta look for, which is called “EVIDENCE”.
    Have any of the CT-believers on this site got any? If so, please produce it. The nation is all ears. (I’ll wait.)

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