Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Monday said that he had “great confidence” in Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz, even though the latest polls show him falling behind in the race against Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D).

When asked about Oz’s chances of winning, McConnell said that he thought the former television personality was a great nominee and he had the potential to win.

On Friday a fundraiser was hosted by Senate leaders for Oz, Georgia Senate candidate Hershel Walker, and Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.), who is running for the upper chamber in North Carolina. These candidates are all endorsed by former President Trump.

McConnell said that the event showed the great potential Oz shows and the faith they had in him as a candidate.

McConnell’s vote of confidence is seen as widely important as OZ is currently shown in polls to have 39.2 percent support in comparison to Fetterman’s 48.2 percent.

The Fetterman campaign has also been focused on portraying Oz as out of touch with the realities of the American people. As evidence of this, they helped a video of Oz resurface in which he is shopping for “crudité” in a local grocery store. This was in April when the high inflation prices were affecting many people.

The Pennsylvania Senate election is currently really closely watched as Republicans are hoping to gain control of the chamber which currently sits at 50-50.

When McConnell was asked about why he chose those three candidates to hold a fundraiser for, he said that he always chooses three of the most promising candidates in critical states to host a fundraiser for. He said that because of the importance of the races of these three he selected them.

9 thoughts on “McConnell Falls In Line”
  1. McConnell needs to quit hanging out with Lizzy Cheney! It’s affecting his sense! OH wait, he never had any! How’s his wife’s Chinese airport deal doing???
    “Asking for a friend”

  2. Did the people from Pennsylvania learn nothing during the last two years? Fetterman is precisely what we see from the White House. He’s incapable off forming a complete sentence he refuses to debate Oz and he’s as far left as they come. Never held a job in the private sector . Entitled spoiled rich kid. This guy is a nightmare and he’s actually leading in the polls. Clearly the voters of Pennsylvania are not very bright. What could they possibly believe this guy who wears nothing but hoodies have to offer? Sometimes I truly wonder at the stupidity of people. I see this guy speak and I see a buffoon. He reminds me of people I knew as a kid. Spoiled trouble maker who does nothing for anyone except himself. It’s no wonder we’re in the ridiculous mess we find ourselves. Stupidity rules the nation and apparently these morons want more. God help us

  3. Praying for those three men that they will be in the Senate: we need men of courage and valor to confront this nation desiveness.

  4. The Chinese via his wife got their moneys worth when they bought, and paid for that creepy tool of theirs,McConnell the RINO traitor! Rip him out of office yesterday! “Cocaine Mitch, please OD!!

  5. Trump is the only president who fought for America and it’s citizens[just compare your living conditions and world affairs to then and now-OPEN YOUR EYES}. And. considering the lies and false accusations he was inundated with on a daily basis I accept his tweets as releasing/venting from all the putrid accusations from the Dems, fake news and the rhinos. “YOU GO TRUMP”. Washington is afraid of you exposing their self-serving, parasitic ways of living off our citizenry.

  6. Why PA would vote for Fetterman over DR OZ is a mystery. Dr oz is so much wiser and better for PA.

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