He wanted the shirt off his back.

A naked Florida felon armed with a machete was arrested Monday after demanding a man’s clothes at knifepoint, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

The victim told deputies that Brandon Wright suddenly came running out of bushes where he was picking berries and told him to hand over his garments, wallet, and phone around 10 a.m., officials said.

As he began complying, Wright suddenly hurled the machete at him — along with a handful of palmetto berries.

The weapon bounced off of the victim’s chest and he avoided injury, deputies said.

Still nude, Wright sprinted off and hopped into his white Dodge Challenger and fled the scene.

Soon after, patrons of a nearby gas station told police that Wright had pulled up next to a pump and exited his vehicle.

A police helicopter tracked Wright down and relayed his activities to a dispatcher.

“He’s doing pushups at the entrance to the food store here,” the pilot states at one point.

Video also shows Wright walking in the middle of the street as startled drivers maneuver around him.

As deputies approached, Wright laid down next to his car and surrendered without incident.

The sheriff’s office said Wright had prior convictions for kidnapping, gun possession by a felon, battery on a law enforcement officer, cocaine possession, and resisting arrest.

He remains in custody without bond.

Original Article: Naked Florida man with machete tries to rob victim of clothing (nypost.com)

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